<<-----Use the links in the middle to see the live action from the stage.


If you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or more, the refresh does work strange. 
This is a nasty problem we're trying to solve.
Push on the picture to jump to the last written sentence.
And if the chat doesn't refresh within a 75 sec
push on the refresh button.
Be aware the writing is very slow so it can
take several minutus before writers have new text...


Public chatbox:  visitors can enter and exchange thoughts in this chatbox
Reporter: during a performance a reporter will report live from stage
Dialogue 1-2-3: Follow the chats between 2 writers on stage and guests somewhere on the internet. (During a live performance)

The chats are based on monologues the guests have written before. Monologues and chat-archive you can find under "Archive"

Every 60 seconds these dialogue boxes should refresh. In some newer versions of Internet Explorer (5.5 and more) the refresh doesn't function well. Use the refresh-button or F5.

Webcam: If the technical conditions on stage are advanced, you can find here refreshed webcam images or even streaming audio/video. All depending on the technical facilities appropriete. (Relax for loading)
Archive: This is the database of all written texts until now.
You can find here the monologues of the chatguests.