© Jeroen Thijssen 2000

Yama enters the battlefield on an ox. The sun sets, bloodred. Wailing souls are leaving the corpses.

Cry and wail if you want. But who promised you that you would live forever? Who? Rattle your bones and grind your teeth with frustration. The God of Death has come to erase your last wis-hes. Cry! Wolves will devour your dead flesh and where is your enemy? The flesh was your enemy.
He looks around him and walks to the center of the battlefield as if he is searching for something.

And you call me cruel. Me? I am just a breeze in a raging sea. Who took you to this battlefield? Who said that you had to hit your enemy and the enemy you? You see?! The gods are always blamed. Idiot! Dead fool! Your wife will shout your name and your children will cry for you, or so we hope. Did you fight for peace? A magnificent word, magnificent! But you did fight and that was war. No peace. Cannon or sword, it does not mat-ter. Ah, the ease with which the living fight to kill..
During the conversation, he wanders through the corpses and suddenly lifts a head by its hair.

Look at this, hardly used!
He moves on and with contempt picks up a leg only to throw it over his shoulder.

Now your wife and children cry. But did they stop you when you left for the battlefield? Didn't your wife admire your uniform, even straigthened your revers? Eve did not give Adam an apple but a sword.
He puts another leg in the bag and another one. Meanwhile he continues talking.

Fighting for peace! The human being is a battlefield of internal battles. Cells fight each other for blood. Enzymes eat your flesh before it has turned cold. You know what happens in your head? At this moment? You don't, do you! The content is having a party in your brains. Enzymes, vitamins, dopamines! They are dancing on your iris and feasting of your cortex. The holy throne, the seat of your thoughts, the center of your Self. They saw, they bite, they hack. Since you were born, they were harnassed in the vises of your system. Alive, you controlled them, now they are free to roam. This way, you even fight when you are dead. Now that is revenge!
 He searches for a fat corpse, drags it closer and feels if it is springy. He seats himself comfortably.

That is better.
He takes the body parts out of the bag and assembles them with skill. The result is a bizarre creature of just arms, legs and a head.

I will show you something.
He places it on the ground. It starts to move as if it is un-winding while it cries:
Attack, attack, attack!

Yama laughs loud.

Come and see the human!

The creature moves three more strides and shouts:
War, war war!

Man, your name is beast.

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