© Gil Mezuman - Willy Thomas   03-09-2003

Gil: enters the room
Dirk: enters the room
Dirk: hello gil, how are you ?
Gil: im good, thanks
Dirk: what kind of films do you make?
Gil: Documentaries, usually.
Dirk: like your personal story?
Gil: Yes
Dirk: it seems to me that you have to be two to tell your story.
Gil: What do you mean?
Dirk: the other side of your story.
Gil: The film is my personal experience. It is not meant to tell the whole story of Jenin.
Dirk: how personal is personal?
Gil: I was a soldier in Jenin and 13 of my friends were killed there.
So I suppose it could be considered personal.
Dirk: i'm sorry for your friends. why were they killed.
Gil: They were walking in a dark alley, and were ambushed.
Dirk: yes,i understand, but why.
Gil: They went there in order to protect their families.
It may be difficult for you to understand, living in a peaceful country.
Dirk: why did your country become less peaceful. it seems quite normal
that people protect their families.
Gil: To the best of my knowledge, during the last hundred years there was no peace in my country, excluding short periods of time. There are two nations here, fighting for the same land.
Dirk: to the best of my knowledge, somethimg happened
100 years ago that made an end to the peace, or
am i mistaken?
Gil: During the last hundred years, as you probably know, the situation of the Jews in Europe gradually became more and more unpleasant. Fifty years ago survivers of the Holocaust immigrated to Israel, and built the country.
Dirk: so you are telling me you were not a nation before?
and then you went to israel and started a nation
in a country that all-readyhad a nation?
Gil: The Jewish nation is an ancient one. It is mentioned in the bible. Although we did not have a country for many years, we kept our national identity.
Dirk: yes, but what about the people who lived in the country you claim
to be yours? that's what i meant with the other side.
Gil: The Jewish and Palestinian nations must learn to accept each other. Otherwise, we have no future.
Dirk: it seems strange to me that in order to get there,
you as a documenterymaker take part in the army.
it is hard to believe your previous statement. i
i think you consider yourselve as the good guy and
the palestinian as the bad guy. What did they do to you that
you are prepared to use force?
Gil: For somebody looking from the outside, it may be easy to classify people as "good" or "bad". From the inside, things are a little bit more complicated.
How would you react if your family were killed on their way to the supermarket? Your son, or your little brother? Your grandmother, or your wife?
Gil: Yes indeed.
Dirk: that's not the point. my questions are not psycologic.
i would feel the same as you. but if you live in this kind of conditions,
you must know that history proves how violence
only creates more violence.
Gil: As a religious person, I pray three times a day for peace to come. But it seems that until it does, there is still a long way to go.
Dirk: let's say peace is not somethimg you pray for but you work and
live for...(gil, we must end, thanks, you have the
last word)
Gil: Okay.


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