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Theatre of War 11 December 2001

Zulfiqar: Here is a little history of Hazaras
The Hazaras represent a mixture of Turkish, Mongol and other races dating back from the very beginning of Afghanistan. The Hazaras are one of several ethnic groups of Afghanistan and are one of the oldest inhabitants of the region. The buddi-Bamiyan's, the buddha statues carved into cliffs in Bamiyan and other artifacts of such kind prove this fact, when Khorasan, presently Afghanistan, was a buddhist country (before the introduction of the great religion of Islam) and Bamiyan as well as the whole central Afghansitan was it's "florish". They speak Farsi with their own significant dialect called "Hazaragi" (Ha-za-ra-gee), which is composed of Mongoli, Turkish and Farsi words. Additionally, the majority of the Hazara people live a peaceful life in villages in the Hazarajat and they are Muslims.

They are very brave, strong, peaceful and trustworthy people who have been discriminated and segregated againist for more than 200 years in Afghanistan. The estimated population of the Hazara tribe is an estimated 6 million. They were once the ethnic majority in Afghanistan, with an estimated 67% of the country's population. However due to the blood trusty murderer, Abdur Rahman who was a servant to Britain and who massacred more than 60% of the Hazara population in the 19th century, many Hazaras were forced to segregate to nearby countries and cities in Afghanistan. But the Hazaras remain brave and strong in the defense for their equal rights, peace, unity and for the defense of the Hazarajat that they much deserve, after 200+ years, under the discrimination and segregation of the Afghan fundamentalist government. Hence, many Hazaras are seeing to it that the harsh history of Afghanistan on it's ethnic groups does not repeat itself, for Afghanistan is a diversed country composed of more than 20 different ethnic groups.
Recently there are four major ethnic groups in Afganistan.
In 1964 a sensus was held according to that Pashtoon 72.1%, Hazara 02% Tajick 20% Uzback 04 % and Minorities.
Actually this sensus was totaly bogus and wrong.
because it was a Pashtoon Government and they showed themselves high Majority for their stability and soverienty.
Specially Hazara's were not counted in that sensus in interior afganistan like different places "Diazangi", " Uruzgan" , "Behsood", "Diacundi", "Bamyan", Jaghori", "Lal Sir Jengle" etc.
There is not a single school, road, bridge, or other development from Government side.
All the univercity, schools, and development were made by our own selves "Hizb-e-Wahdat".
During the masacre of "Mazar-e-Sharif" and "Bamyan" according to UNHCR 22000 people including children and women were killed.

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zulfiqar: The copy of this report is with Mr. Ayat Ollah. You may see it.
A "Fitwa" (a religious degree) of Mulla Manan Niazi (The then Governor of Mazar-e-Sharif) of Taliban is also with Mr. Ayat
In that he said "O Hazara! be a good muslim like us (They are of the view that we are not Muslims) other wise we will kill u all".

No donation were distrubuted amongst the Hazara people, instead they blockade the Hazarajat when Bamyan was not captured.

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