Dialoog tussen Suraya en Rogier

Theatre of War 11 December 2001

US bomber pilot: enters the room
US bomber pilot: Hy babe
Suraya Dalil: enters the room
US bomber pilot: (test)
Suraya Dalil: Good evening
Suraya Dalil: Ready!
US bomber pilot: enters the room
Suraya Dalil: Hello, how many times have you thrown bomb to my country from the beginning of this war?
US bomber pilot: Hi, we're proud to bomb your country back to freedom
Suraya Dalil: You do not do it for our freedom! You do it for your own interest. We were denied freedom for several years and you did not do anything as a superpower!
US bomber pilot: That is an other to see it.
As a superpower we have so many things to deal with.
And who could know that the weapons we pumped in your country should be used aginst us
Suraya Dalil: Not only weapons, also some people that were trained by CIA.
US bomber pilot: You mean Osama? He seemed to be a nice guy in the beginning.
Beautiful eyes too, charisma.
But a Saudi, you can't trust that damned foreigners.
But anyway, here we are to put it all right again
Suraya Dalil: This correction gets live of so many innocents, who even do not know who are the players of this game. For e.g. thousands of people in the WTC three months back and thousands in Afghanistan.
US bomber pilot: That is because we try to export freedom around the world.
Some people can not deal with that, and than they attack us in this brutal way.
What should we do?
We hit back.
You like my plain?
Suraya Dalil: Bombing to Afghanistan is one part of the story. We Afghans suffered a lot. I am a woman and a mother and I know the kind of suffering we (Afghans) have gone through for the last 2 decades. Taliban and Usama further deteriorated the situation in my country. We (women) were denied to work. Girls were banned from education. Our country was a place for training of terrorist. Whereas we were hungry and dying from dieases, malnutrition and poverty.
I suggest you - Americans - should have a peaceful foreign policy inorder to avoid another Usamas to be created in this world. You should address the underlying causes for long run as well.
US bomber pilot: You are right.
We're working on it.
We forced the Northenr Allaiance to Berlin.
We force Sharon and Arrafat.
We force everyone to a long term peace.
Don't bother with that.
You know the biggest hangup here was the humiliation of the women in Afg.
These burka's and the loss of all rights.
In a way this is a war for the women.
This is a war for you.
Suraya Dalil: I think so. I and many other women in Afghanistan are happy from these progresses. I always had a question with me that was: will I be alive to see peace and freedom in my country? And now it is become a fact.
US bomber pilot: Are you going back?
And what do you expect for the comming time?
Suraya Dalil: Yes, I will go back home and work for my people. However, I have a serious concern and that is the moment the international coalition toward supporting Afghansitan ends our problems will re start. We have parties who used to fight and fight is their profession. International world should not forget us again.
US bomber pilot: I understand.
You ever met a nice Taliban-guy?
Did they do something right?
Suraya Dalil: I have seen only one kind Talib. He is the one who helped my father and my husband to be released from jail of Taliban in Agust 1998 and helped us coming to Pakistan. He is the only one I know as a good Talib.
I beleive they do not do any thing right. They killed spirit of a generation.

US bomber pilot: I just bombed Tora Bora.
A beautyfull area seen from the air.
Whit a lot of snow it must be wonderfuul skiing in peacetime.
(Suraya: We have to end the chat. Nice chatting with you
You did a wonderfull job.
Lots of respect for you.
Take care.
You have the last words
Suraya Dalil: It was interesting.
pieter: enters the room
pieter: Suraya, we tried to phone you to finish. We cant get connected. I send you a mail now


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