Monologue: The Tale of (Hoo)

© Nahidh al-Ramadhani 2008

The Tale of (Hoo)

  Translated from Arabic by Y.S.Yahya


Hoo: is a sound released by the hero to express the cases will pass through... fear, happiness... astonishment ... etc, and it could be moo or woo.

Decoration: pole or scaffold, it will be treated as tree or street lamp according to the need.

Sound effect: flute sound, soft pink violet light; warbling for different birds, butterfly swiftly flies across the stage.

Hoo enters the stage looking around astonished & wondering, contemplating every thing. Running after a butterfly, gazing at what supposed to be trees then bushes, feeling his stomach , looking for some thing to eat. Reaping some thing, tasting ... then throwing it out. Picking another thing (apple), enjoying it. Eating another apple & another. climbing tree. Exploring a bird nest . Starting to break an egg and taste. Then trying to take another egg from the nest. A massive birds sound striking him, falling from the tree. Looking again around to recognize an animal tracking him (a bear's roaring voice comes from the stage side), Hoo climbing the tree horrified. Voice of two bears fighting, Hoo watching with panic. Then with curiosity and enjoyment while he crunching another apple picked from the tree, the battle ends. Getting down as he stroking his stomach satisfactorily. Discovering a flower . Smelling & enjoying its perfume. Gazing it deeply then starting to pick it's leaves, one after one while he is looking at the leaves with curiosity & surprise. Finding out that the remains of the flower in his hand has become disgusting thing. Trying to collect the leaves & restoring it again but he fails. Throwing the flower behind him to look for another one. Voice of a little sheep enters the stage. Hoo moves toward it carefully. Approaching his hands from the sheep's fur, caressing & teasing. A whole herd enters with a bell sound.. then a noisy donkey bray , ( Hoo blocked his ear ) , the herd passes after obstructing him.

Hoo pinching his nose feeling uneasy from the imaginative smell of the sheep. More than character enters the stage. Pretending they are uprooting small plants & flower bush, Hoo tries to stop them. Then starting a regular plant of trees & fruitful bushes. Hoo contemplating them , trying to recognize what they are doing , he feels hungry , trying to reap a fruit but the farmer hits his hand. Hoo goes far away then infiltrates and trying to steal a fruit, but the farmer running after him. At the end he comes close to the farmer , giving out a very large coin from his pocket , the farmer takes it at once & starting examine it , then he gives Hoo in return some fruits putting in small frond basket.

A man enters the stage pretending that he doing some thing & after a while it becomes clear that was a wheel. The man setting rolling the wheel on the stage among Hoo's wonder. Hoo starts helping him to do something which becomes clear later on that was a potter's wheel. Both of them pretending they are fabricating ceramics, while he is at his climax of happiness in his work; another man enters from the other side of the stage carrying a slab in his hand, discovering the cuneiform. Hoo expresses his admire then his happiness for this finding.

A sudden quarrel using a big stick erupted caused by entering of a group attempting to steal the crop. They share the land & borders are marked. Many times the borders are changed due to both party's attempts & every part desires to steal the land products & expand his share from the land. The hero witnesses & trying to be a judge between the both parties. They listen to his decision at first then push him away. Then trying to hit him & running after him on the stage. Noise, cries, creak. Lights are turn off. Voices, hums, murmurs & prays. A wooden status enters moving on a hidden wheel. Hoo & all the others on the stage captured & kneeling awfully before the wooden status. Hoo kneels as he stealing a look. The status orders to push the walls to the right & left of the stage occupying most of the place. The actors complaining but they are still kneeling. Hoo infiltrates carefully and stands behind the status uncovers the statue's back, smelling stinky smell, closing his noise & move away disgusted. The actors are hurrying to the status. Pandemonium prevailing, the status falls & a slight scared actor comes out , running away & followed by some of the others. One & all start quarrel on the borders again. Hurly ’Äì burly & different sounds. Gradual darkness accompanied by horn , bells sound comes after. Then sounds & echoes of prayer calls (A than )’Ķ

Hammer's fade sound. The stage is lightened by a man bending on a brassware treating it with his hammer. On the opposite side from the stage, there is a man sitting with ink well & big roll of paper wholly engaged in writing, Hoo tries to recognize his craft, he understands the meaning of writing on the paper. Taking the rolled paper, open it & reading joyfully. Another man enters & starting made cressets. Giving out them to the actors who are moving in all directions & start waving with it. The light put out, cresset's light remains for awhile , then put out one by one until the darkness fall. Nothing left just brassware hammer's sound maker . To connect the two scenes.

A man wearing a "modern " laborer suit enters carrying electric connections. Another person starts changing the tree to street lamp or suspend the street lamp on the tree. Sounds of machines & modern electric factories. The laborer dismissed the crafts man & occupies his position while the hero watching with surprise what's going on. Among a gradual blackout the laborer starts to operate welding machine, releasing spark facing by other sound of grinding machine releasing it's spark as well from the other side of the stage. The laborer starts to hammer a little then he returns to use the welding machine, looking proudly to what he has made, later on we discovered that he made a metal chair. The laborer calling Hoo who approaches (astonished as usual), the laborer explains to Hoo how to use this invention. Hoo tries the chair ,overwhelmed by happiness. Trying to take it but the laborer stop him asking for a price. The hero brings out a big coin & gives it to the laborer then he gets the chair. Hoo trying to use the chair while he still feeling a great happiness, a man enters carrying a bag. He sits & open it , discovering that it was a portable typing machine. He starts tapping in a harmonic musical way. Hoo comes close cautiously to discover the advantage of this invention, the typist hits very quickly on the type writer to complete the writing paper. Hoo dancing in a harmony with the amazing rhythm. The writer pulls the paper& handing it to Hoo who takes it in turn & read it surprised & interested. Type writer sounds prevail & Hoo sitting interested trying to drink a cup of tea after he brought small table & Chinese set, he sat on his chair , crossing his leg. Typewriter's sounds louder until it becomes very noisy. We hear from far a noise of a modern printing machines in it's monotonous growl.

The people gather & turning around nervously, some of them close his ears with his fingers. A man wearing odd hat with a big pipe in his hand enters the stage . Hoo gets near looking in curiosity. The people crowding a round the man with a pipe, who is telling a lot of merged & mysterious hums, then he lights his pipe. Hoo runs quickly out of the stage accompanied by fire vehicle sound. He returns carrying a big water bucket and shed it over the educated man's head. A man wearing a policeman uniform enters with a man carrying a traffic sign represent car picture.

The hero contemplating the car picture, then we hear a coming car sound about to run over him. The policeman comes close & order Hoo to put the chair a side & mark out a place for sitting and pointing out with his hands to the streets boundaries. Different sounds of cars pass. The hero feels happy & waving to every car but he starts to feel un comfortable.

The police man pushes him a way time after time. The hero closes his nose harassed from the car smell & exhaust gases. After a few cars passing, a new traffic signs were put to represent another new restriction.

Sitting is prohibited, crossing is not allowed, standing is prevented’Ķetc, the stage crowds with traffic signs of prohibitions’Ķ a group of actors enter & move barely. Fast car sound is heard time &a gain or brake or shout with cough. Prohibition signs were put every where, the show is stopped & the actors frozen, no one move just the policeman who enters accompanied by others wearing a police uniform. One of them trying to crush prohibition signs but the police arrested him. Other tries to change the signs place but he is faced by blows, the others trying to save him then we hear bullets zip sound. The police forcing the actors to freeze immovable on the stage , every actor on the stage freeze in a certain situation & when ever he tries to change his situation, the police prevent him. One and all were prevented even from hums, nothing heard more than policeman whistle sounds &sound of a harsh mysterious orders.

The crowd exchanging winks & humming with some thing like counting (one, two, three) & when they all starting assault the traffic signs & engaged with the police, the lights are put out but the clashes continuing , then the lights illuminate again, to find half of the signs were removed. Second round starts. Light are put out then we hear sounds of clashes & quarrel , the stage is illuminated to find the removed signs were placed back & half of the rest were removed’Ķ.the lights put out thirdly. Then illuminated to find out that every one ( policemen , actors ) lied on the ground exhausted & fatigued &in spite of that the policemen erecting signs while the actors struggling to drop them.

Suddenly an explosion sound heard. Followed by jet aircraft noise. Then successive explosions & series of bullets shot. The stage is lightened with a lights flashed & put out. The crowed starts to run turning a round every where. Sound of tanks chain becomes close. The actors frozen & the sound stops entirely, then suddenly a projectile is launched targeting the middle of the stage.

Things scattered & the smoke overwhelmed the place. Bullets & tank's bombs start shooting & interfered with tanks chain sounds, air craft noise, cough, moaning & horror sounds. Hoo jumps horrified every where trying to survive. The lights are illuminated so we can see the mess every where & every body takes a lying down position & their hands over their heads. A military man enters the stage wearing helmet carrying a gun with a big binocular suspended from his neck. (The binocular will be used for looking to every thing around him). Coming close the tree the lamp, Destroying the lamp & put in stead of it a pirates banner. Standing & perform his salute respectably to this banner. He turns to one of the theater side and behave as traffic policeman , tanks enter quickly and it's chain's sound hang in the place. Stopped & resumed moving. The policeman starts removing all the traffic signs. Ordering all to help him, so they run (the policemen & actors) to perform the order. He walks out of the stage then enters carrying a new traffic signs of tanks pictures. He starts fixing some of them & every body help him constrained. Hoo discovers that his chair has been smashed, he embraces his chair corps crying. The military man comes close to him. Two soldiers jump to capture Hoo, they start to cuff & frisk him then confiscated the remains of the broken chair. A tank rushes , hits the hero & crash his feet. The soldiers getting off & frisk him while he is crying, then move away ’Ķa blond woman comes close to him , carrying a gift. Throwing his broken chair away & offering a big case. Hoo rejecting , trying to get back his chair. The blond woman open the case presenting a wheeled chair. The hero is put on the chair& snapped by photographers while the blond women strain his mouth forcing him to smile to the lenses. Everybody leave him after shooting him & stay alone. Hoo moving his chair around the stage. The worker starts hammering the brassware. Another worker starting operates the welder. All these sounds mixed with the chain's tanks sounds, voice of brassware worker, welder, sheep's, donkey voice, sounds of tanks, typewriters, camera flashes.

The sounds start to fade a little & all the light putting out gradually. The hero looking at himself for awhile & notice his mutilated legs.

Crying deeply & painfully. Rolling & his shoulders trembling from sadness. All the sounds faded , only Hoo weeping & light circle left’Ķ Birds sounds. Then flute sound.

A butterfly enters. Hoo fall down from his chair , creeping & standing up , moving towards the light running after a butterfly. Hoo sings joyfully Hooooooooo.


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