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Throw the pollen grains

Sawsan: enters the room
James Bond: enters the room
James Bond: hi sawsan. My name is Bond, James Bond. How are you?
Sawsan: Good evening Jeroen , this Sawsan from Baghdad
Sawsan: enters the room
James Bond: hi sawsan, in real life my name is indeed Jeroen. But today, especially for you, I play the part of James Bond, the famous secret agent of the west.
Sawsan: James Bond that is a funny name to have
James Bond: how are you today? perhaps you would like me to come and save you. as a secret agent i am specialized in saving people from dangerous areas in the world.
Sawsan: No thank your services are not in need we seem to have enough agents around us , they come in differnt colors and shapes !!!!
Sawsan: still we might use you to slove our problems maybe care to try
James Bond: sure. what is the first and most important problem that you want me to solve?
Sawsan: if yes please send your CV and application forms
Sawsan: Well to start with we need to restore the order and peace
Sawsan: We miss so much our peacful city
James Bond: how peaceful was it under Saddam? please tell me, I have no idea
Sawsan: We had law and order , we could stay late at night even for young ladies we had no problem to go back late at night
Sawsan: at least we had order
James Bond: hi sawsan, here is james bond again, where were we?

--At this moment the website chrashes. James Bond continues as Jeroen after the site is restarted--

Sawsan: I am here still waiting for your answer will you apply for the job or not
Jeroen: how are you?
Sawsan: fine and you
Jeroen: was it peacefull under saddam?

Sawsan: at least we had law and order we could stay late at night
Jeroen: if you could turn back the clock, would you do it?
Sawsan: no I never think that turning back the clock could solve any problem you do not have much to say as I see !!!!
Jeroen: would democracy help? as a secret agent of the west i am always asked to save democracy
Sawsan: what is democracy if compared with human lives , if you are here just to restore democracy then we are so sorry sir we are not in need to your services
Jeroen: okay, but i heard there is a civil war out there. is that true or is it western propaganda?
Sawsan: well they talked about for so long they wanted to happen and we pray to god that it will not If it will happen then it will mean that it would have to start at homes , meaning between husband and wife , we do have mixed families as you know
Jeroen: i thought fighting against the americans was already a heavy job. why do the iraq people want to kill amongst themselves? any idea? why brother against brother, possibly wife against husband?
Sawsan: well you said it the western agenda, and it will better for husbands to change wifes do not you think so !!!! but frankly wars always start from silly problems.
Jeroen: what silly problem started your war?
Sawsan: in the ancient arab histroy there was a war which lasted for 100 years just because a camel of one tribe was killed by the other, ask the americans they seem to know everything.
Jeroen: i am here, drinking a dry martini as a true secret agent. what are you drinking? and can you go out at all?
Sawsan: I drink green tea with minth , and no during night time I cannot go out , we have courfu which starts early so we have to do everything at daytime even go to theatre plays at daytime and have our wedding ceremonies.
Jeroen: theatre? you still enjoy theatre? what kind of plays? about the good life you once had?
Sawsan: Well we from time to time get to see some theatre plays , and some concerts but before it was heaven , Baghdad was the city of refined culture , the city of poets and artists , the Iraqi theatre is one of the leading theatres in the middle east.
Jeroen: i enjoy a good play every now and then. but what kind of theatre is performed right now in baghdad.
Sawsan: We are the hiers of the ancient civilisation in the world and all these creative activities is part of our life. I am not an expert in theatr I just enjoy the plays and the atmosphere I feel human and alive and distructs me from my daily worries
Jeroen: Are the plays performed today about life as it is now in your city? or is it more fun?
Sawsan: No about life , about our dailly sufferings and the peace and the heaven we seek and need so badly.
Jeroen: If you could choose and could live in the west right now, in london for example where i live, would you do that? Are you not tired of your country? We have excellent theatres...
Sawsan: Yes , I am tired of all the hustle and bustle and the unsecurity, I may think of leaving for a short vacation , and visit London I have not been there for so long , But I have to return back how could I leave my garden , my palm trees and my mongo trees
Jeroen: Do you still take care of your garden? even now?
Sawsan: Yes , I have a hot tempered gardener , and we nag all the time, in Baghdad now it is the season to pollinate the palm trees it is a kind of a ritual here every house has to do it we have to bring someone to climb all the way to the top to throw the pollen grains. I recall that we even did it 3 years ago during the bombing of Baghad
Jeroen: Wow, those trees must be really important for you all
Sawsan: They were planted by my late father and we stil rember him by taking care of his tree and garden
Jeroen: I am sorry to hear you lost your father, did he pass away recently?
Sawsan: No it was six years ago , but I did lose my grandmother last week , a part of my histroy was gone with her.
Jeroen: Did she tell stories when you were small?
Sawsan: She knows all the stories of Baghdad she knew , all the families , a living encylopidia we use to call her.
Jeroen: Tell me, do people still gossip and tell stories to each other right now?
Sawsan: Of course it is part of the human nature , for me the best time of the day is my daily gossip at my gossip corner with my neighbor with a cup of turkish coffe
Jeroen: You gossip about what? about love, about people falling in love?
Sawsan: About love , about husbands about inlaws , what else , it is always the problems we encounter when the men have to stay at home due to courfu so it is no heaven !!!!
Jeroen: I understand perfectly, i think. what is your favorite moment of the day? When you get to leave your house?
Sawsan: No when I go back and find that all my family have rerturend back safely . For me I have to work daily , if not for work I do shopping , go to the hairdresser and maybe visit a friend.
Jeroen: What kind of work?
Sawsan: I work a humanitarian aid worker
Jeroen: so you see more problems every day, does that make you hateful towards the americans?
Sawsan: Hate can gets no where , it is disgust and disrespect , they have no right to decide for other countries
Jeroen: Are you a religious person, sawsan? do you still believe?
Sawsan: Yes but i am not so religuous
Jeroen: What about the rest of your family?
Sawsan: I think i have a certain relation with god we all the same we are a libral family By libral i do not mean loose morals but it means have the abilty and the tolurance to accept and respect others and other religions
Jeroen: So you believe in freedom like we enjoy it in the west?
Sawsan: No I do not like it , I was raised up in a diffrent society with diffrent beliefs and morals end of chat....  


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