© Samer en Rogier Schippers - 14 September 2002

Samer: enters the room
Israeli Officer: enters the room
Israeli Officer: Hi., who are U.
Samer: who r u ?
Samer:shabat shalom :)
Samer: lovely , i had an Israeli officer on chat!!! lucky me
Samer: hello r u there?
Israeli Officer: U fuckin know who I am, U see my uniform.
I need U to help to build this wall to pretect the holy country
Samer: well we can build anther kind of walls
Israeli Officer: What other kind of walls? We can only protect ourselfs whit concreet walls against U fockin walking bombs
Samer: no man there is a different kind ... if u recognize my right to exist then no need for wall ...u can save ur money
Israeli Officer: What money?
What do U pretend
Samer: i don't pretend . don't think that if u bilud that wall then u r going to stop the voilence
Samer: what's worng with u man !!!! u takes long time to reply ? r u affraid?
Israeli Officer: U're talking about ur right to exis?
U're bombing Israel all the time!
U know what that costs us?
Israeli Officer: (i'm a very slow chatter, and its very dark here)
Samer: i know ... we r both bleeding ... i don't want to go further and talk about history , let's talk about how to stop this silly war ...
Israeli Officer: Why don't U take action against this silly Hamas?
Israeli Officer: Now it takes U long time.
U got problems?)
Samer: the Palestinian have offered an initiative under which Israli and Paletinian would live together in total peace and security ....a normal existence as peoples and sovereign nations.this is what the arab leaders committed themselves unanimously to at the Beirut summit on March 27 2002 , based on the initiative of Crown Prince Aboudalah of Saudi Arabia, which was endorsed worldwide, including by the United Stats.
the Israeli government has rejected the Arabs offer of peace and has responded to it with voilence , destructive and collective punishment against 3 million Palestinians
Israeli Officer: Can be.
Hamas never
Israeli Officer: Can be.
Hamas never geconized the existance of israel.
Samer: well, i am sepathatic with the Insent Israelis , but u must also respect and understand the suffering of 3 million unaremed Palestinians.
i acknowledge that the Palestinians greatest crime is their insistance to resisting to military occupation of thier country. this strange principle to military of one's country seems to be difficult for Israelis , intellectual , and media elite to comprehend .
Samer: could u tell me why there are a settellments in Gaza strip and West bank ?
Israeli Officer: Sorry, I was away for a moment,
I had to shoot an Hamas guy.
They seem to have an affection to travel by bus.
Why do this guys do that all the time?
U talk loke a politician.
Don't understand.
Take Ur clothes of. U fuck.
Samer: No sensible person can accept or support the killing of innocent people any where in the world...and that includes innocent Israelis.
this also applies to the innocent Palestinians. no sensible or decent person can accept the degradation of the dignity of an innocent person including the dignity of innocent Israelis.this also applies to the innocent Palestinians.
it makes no sense to ask President Yasser Arafat , who was elected by the Palestinian people and who is currently under siege inside two rooms to stop the voilence in the occupied territories while the Israeli forces destroy his security apparatus and kill and detain his security officers .
this is not an opinion , it is a fact. no leader in the world can guarantee that no one will resort to violence ,,, but i can guarantee that a desperate and frustrated person who his dignity has been insulted con not be stoped by any means.
Samer: I am convinced that the government army and security agencies of Israel have lost the war regaldless of how many battles they win.
Israeli Officer: Did U fight?
Samer: The Palestinians are victims of the Israeli occupation. The Israeli people are also victims of the Israeli occupation.
Samer: no i don't think i am gonna fight
Samer: i prefer to fight on chat :) smile man
Samer: hello r u there ?
Israeli Officer: Well, now Ur naked we kan talk freely.
Why the muslims take any effort to stop the war, while
the West is in debate?
I heard no sound from the muslim world that the bombing on 11/9 was wrong
Still I have no answer why U don't stop Hamas
Samer: ok listen doood seem u don't read !!! we recognized the right of Israeli to exisit and we had right to exisit according to Oslo agreementin 1993 . what happend that the fanatic wing in Israel killed the brave primister of Israel IZEQ RABIN ...
Israeli Officer: U dont answer me.
Is it a problem to talk freery?
Are U Hamas?
Samer: itories...u answer me now ... why there is a lot of Israeli sttellements in the territories of the Palestinian national authority ... why the didn't evacuate these settellemants according to Oslo agreement
Samer: what a petty boy u r !!!! i am not Hamas and i'll never be ... i told u that i am saddend and feel pain full for what happend to many of innocent Israelis
Samer: but at the same time i feel pain full of 3 million unarmed Palestinian suffering
Samer: as a result of the continuing aggression of the Israeli government and the insane policies of it's leaders
Samer: and now u r asking me to stop Hamas !!!!!
Israeli Officer: OK, we Jews are stuborn peole.
We like to live there.
We think we may live there.
Maybe that's wrong
But I still don't understand this humanbombs.
Why don't U take action against it?
In Israel there is a peacemovement.
In Palestinia?
Samer: u know i was a good boy for long time even i have a jewesh friends ...
and i am forrbiden by Israeli army to leave in order to meet my sweet heart in jordan
Samer: can u answer ... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Samer: u know man at this moment the Israeli forces are attacking Jabalia in GAZA strip it seems a huge operation for Israeli army
Samer: what do u exoect now ... Hamas and Palestinian people r going to say Shalom for the Israeli eccupation forces
Samer: hello i think i sould leave u now i am sorry ... i would love to stay... but i sould go and take care of my two sisters ... i am sure they sre affraid as well as i am
Israeli Officer: NO.
I leave U now.
I have to protect my Country
Put ur clothes back on.
This whole thing is emberrassing.(Listen Samer, this whole chat was trigger the people here.
I provoced U to make the thing clear, what's happenning in Palestina)
Please give me Ur last words
Samer: seems u don't want to say salam... well , God willing this silly unfair war will stop
Samer: it's ok man don't worry life will goes on
Samer: it's ok man don't worry life will goes on
Samer: one day will live in peace and good over eveil
Samer: may peace prevail on earth my friend ....shalom :)
Israeli Officer: shalom to U
Thanks for the chat.
We gonna perform it right now before maybe 100 people


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