© Samer 11 September 2002

Samer, Palestine-Gaza strip September 11 2002

Today the 11th of September 2002. I woke up very early, almost at 4:00 o’clock in the early morning as usual to reach my job at the due time. I took in my consideration the Israeli checkpoints, which exist, on my way to work.

I drove the car rushly and I went to pick up one of my colleagues, because you are not allowed to pass the Israeli check points alone …these are the Israeli military commands ”you should be accompanied by one or more to pass” fearing that you are going to carry out an action against the Israeli army.

I stoped near one of the Israeli settlement spread out all over Gaza strip “ KFAR DOROM “ because there was an Israeli checkpoint.

A long line of cars, ambulances carring patients, workers, students, etc. I realized I won’t pass before several hours as usual. The sounds went loud out of radio speakers in the car talking about the attacks of September 11, my friend was sleeping … I lit up a cigarette, the sight showed up clearly … insane air planes striking WTC - children, women,Jews,Christians,Muslems,Kandahar,Afghanstan and Usama Bin Laden.

For heaven’s sake!!! What’s going on? No explaination… Bin laden striking in the USA, Hitller, massacres, Holocoast … Palestinians pay the price!!! Insane idea… I’m remenbering the Israeli military air crafts one month ago, shilling at cilvilian buildings, killing kids, women and old people… Sabra & Shatilla massacre … you make a comparison.

I went back one year ago, one week after the attacks of September 11. I was in my way to Egypt via the Palestinian Egyption borders “ RAFAH PASSAGE “. I was eager to meet my sweet heart “ Lina “ she is no more able to visit Palestine, the Israelis did not allow her to visit the Palestinian territories…I decided to see her in Egypt, I have not seen her for six monthes, she lives in Jordan and she left for Cairo twodays before in order to meet me over there … every thing was ok. But “there is many a slip between the cup and the lip”.

I got into the passage after long time of waiting, this passage was under the Palestinian control one year ago according to Oslo agreement “ Peace process”, but now it is under the abslute Israeli control.

Now the trip of violating your mind and humanity starts, feelings swept you and put you face to face before a practical experience, which reveals the naked idea of considering you as inferior V/S the superior.

You start viewing in a moment the trip of life, life story, culture and morals. You find out that what separates you from your destination is a light-distance.

You take off your hand watch, take out your pen … not to write!!! But to put it in the metal detector device with your cell phone and your glasses. You pass through the metal detector device, thinking that you forgot nothing …you took off your waist belt … standing infront of a frozen face ordering you to check up your self … and once again to go through the device, you find out that you forgot a coin in your pocket. Damn the coin …well, now you got rid of it, you pass again through the device and you hear the alarm!!! You took off your shoes and pass.

An Isaeli lady leads you to a small woody room to inspect you again, she pass’ the inspection device over your body, she wants to inspect even your intution … every thing went good, you don’t have any thing that harms the security, she asks you to wait. An hour passed, you start smooking stupidly, two hours, three… you finished your box of cigarettes. You ask permission to buy cigarettes… they don’t permit you …just sit down and wait for the Anonymous.

The night falls down and you take a nap … a soldier carrying a rifle came to tell you: hey wake, stand up. You excute his orders with no hisitation, he leads you between the corridores to a narrow room and he asks you to wait. After few minutes an intrrogation officer comes and orders you to sit down, he starts to ask about your life story, friends, background etc. he even asks about your dreams.

You ask him for a cigarette. He replys while he puffs out his cigarette smoke: “you are not allowed to smoke”and after depleting your mind … he leaves you and goes out. A soldier with his rifle came into the room and orders you to get out with him. You ask…no answer!! He leads you to the passage gate, and tells that you are not allowed to depart… you must go home HABIBI.

You beg him and try to explain that you are in need to depart…there is some one is waiting for you in Cairo…he gives you his back and leaves.

God damn it … don’t cry man. Be patient … you start looking for a taxi to go back home, you return to home and take out your mobile phone …dial the no. Hello … Lina ohh hmmmm, my sweet heart I’m … I’m appologizing I won’t come to Cairo… it is better if you go back to Jordan … she asks why?? I ‘m waiting for you Yahya… you replys that the Israeli security apparatuses found out that our meeting will threaten their national security.

Suddenenly, you come back to the truth, you wake … a heavy gun fire went out continuously…the Israelies shooting in a crazy way …you feel herrorized, you think your life has been stoped. The shooting continues …stops thanks God.

You try to understand!! What’s going on? You ask your friend who sits beside you in the car …he does not answer … silence prevail… minutes later, you know that there was no reson except they wanted to screw your dreams.

Finaly, it is your turn. It is 9:00 o’clock in the morning… you have been late. You stop your car infront of the Israeli tower. You see the machine guns out of the tower and directed to your chest.

They ask you through the microphone to get out of the car, open the doors, the hatch back and to raise up your hands … don’t move …you feel afraid even to breath… they starts inspecting and asking you the same questions you have allready memorized. They ask you to leave quickly with out looking behind … you do what they ordered because you want to survive.

God, finaly I’m at work, but I’m done …I feel tired, the trip of 15 km took an hours!!!

Damn… why that happens????

I am proud, not ashamed to be sympathatic to the suffering of the Amirican people and the anger of the Amirican leadership over terrorist attacks in the United States.

How ever, I now feel great sympathy with my self and with the suffering of the Palestinan people because of the Israeli violence and agression against them, I’m frustrated, the Palestinian people are burdend by tremendous suffering and calamity as a result of the continuing aggression of the Israeli government and the insane policies of it’s leaders.

I know I should not talk about politics, but you could not talk about the violence in Palestine with out mentioning politics. It’s one package…No leader in the world can guarantee that no one will resort to violence; but I can guarantee that a desperate and frastrated person who his dignity has been insulted and who is willing to lose his life can not be stoped by any means.

I’m saddend and feel painful for what happened to thousands of innocent people in terrorist attacks of September 11. But I live and feel the pain of the suffering of three million unarmed Palestinians.



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