© Rogier and Markovic 16 September 2000

Female NATO-pilot, shot down above Belgr.: enters the room
tow1: enters the room
tow1: hello

: enters the room
: Hai

tow1: who's there?

: Just me falling from the sky.
Who are you?
tow1: I'm just a target
: What you meen. We don't shoopt at you
tow1: I guess that is the problem with targets, you never know which is the right one. Or is there a right one at all?
: We just want to help you people, by bombing the basterd to his knees
tow1: How generous... we (the people) feel right now like if we are being strangled by a boa constrictor which itself is being strangled by eeven bigger boa constrictor which says it is help[ing us that way
: I see. But you know, we got a problem.
We feel that we need to do something
tow1: yeh... one bomb of yours costs one million bucks... why dont you give that million bucks to us, we can destroy your targets our own build a chicken farm in our village, and there will be peace all around.
: But what about Milosovic. He won't stop the killing
tow1: If someone realy wanted to remove him, it would be a piece of cake. The point is, he is probably neccesary to keep Nato busy in europe. Did you notice how much the dollar has increased after the war in Kosovo? almost a double, cause the war industry in the States got awake
: I don't know so much about that.
Is it realy true?
It's a very negative way of thinking.
He,man, we want to help you people.
We are afraid to get you against us, by elemanating Milosovic
tow1: The way we see it, I mean the normal people in my country, he is like a elementary disaster, like a catastrophee earthquake, or a hard flood that happened to us, destroying our lives. So if you want go and remove him, noone will be mad or sad because of that, save his crew which will losse their profits
: Sorry, but... war can't be that easy.
There must be a whole Milosovic-system going on.
We got to finish that first.
Than you Serbs can show the world how you deal with Milosovic.
Thank you for talking to me anyway.
Can you help me?
Can I stay at your place for a while?
So I can escape from here, and get a new plane.
So I can go on, with what I got to do?
tow1: Ok, get in my wardrobe... If the police catch you here they'll hang us both
: Thanks.
You gat a nice wardrobe.

tow1: Yeh.. .they have a nice piece of rope too. You'll be ahero who died on a war mission, and I'll be a traitor who helped the enemy. My grandpa saved lives of five American pilots who were downed by German AAA in WW2 above his village. Now his house was destroyed by american bomb - they gave him a 1 million dollar reward that way, in explosive
: Yeah... eh..., we are still working on these
acuratesse problems.
But it's ah... getting better day by day.
You see? There is no light, because I had A full hit on the electricity, just before I was bombed down.
I hope your father rurvived?
Is he angry with us?
tow1: ward... And about my grandpa, he went to concentration camp in Germany when he got caught hiding pilots
tow1: So the history repeats
: Sorry...
Must be a big step for you to hide me.
Is it because I'm a woman?
Why you do this?
tow1: Dont know... maybe I kind a like that you are having two eyes and two legs and two hands, all like me. It means you are a human being. And i believe there is God who sees it all
: You people had war thrue all the history of mankind.
And stil you're nice to me, a carrier of bombs.
And even you still believe there is a God?
: (Vladimir, we have 5 more minutes)
: (Wladimir, You're still there?)
: (Don't know what's happening.
I guess the chat ends.
I hope I didn't upset you.
I call you tomorrow.


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