© Rogier and Magamed 17 September 2000

The tree in front of your house: enters the room
Magomed: enters the room
Magomed: Hi
The tree: Hello
 I lost my branch
You ever saw a tree play tennis with a rocket?
Magomed: No
The tree: Well, I did.
I'm the tree you played under, wile you were a kid
Magomed: unfortunately that tree is broken and dead.

I would be glad to see and talk to you.
Maybe you are in paradise.

The tree: Yeah, I became a member of a heavenly forrest
What happened to me?
Magomed: You have always been alive for me.
I talked to you many times.
The tree: What did you talk about?
Magomed: I grew up with you
You gave your life to save us.
Hcan I thank you for that?
I hope you have a peace and rest.

The tree: Its better to save life then to take.

Magomed: I did not even think I would lose you.
The tree: You really mis me.
Nobody to talk to anymore?
Magomed: you are old and wise
The tree: Thanks.
As everybody knows: Trees are a little short of memory.
Can you recal what you talked to me about?
Magomed: We talked about life
The tree: Life?
Magomed: The meaning of life
The tree: Ah, yes. I remember something...
What was the meaning of life?
Magomed: I could tell it to you only
The tree: Moments you felt a little lonesome
Magomed: Many things has changed since then
The tree: Like what?

Magomed: The war for example
You left me alone.
Maybe there was a reason leaving me alone.
I felt loneliness in my seachings
The tree: What searchings
Magomed: Maybe I am old and I can go alone.
You gave me the chance to continue my seachings at the cost of your life.
The tree: I felt I had no choise when I saw that explosive comming.
Magomed: I know you could not act otherwise.

And I know you are always with me in my heart.
The tree: Why you feel alone in war? It seems a very social thing. Everybody does it at your place.
Magomed: It is a social thing. But when you are there you feel that no one knows about your sufferings....
I see you and my house sometimes in my dreams.
The tree: Tell me about those dreams
Magomed: The happiest times remained in my childhood and connected with you.
The tree: Do you people ever have fun during wartime?
Magomed: Even if you have fun it is different.
Not like before the war.
I do not know how to explain it.
You always feel something inside that troubles you

These are my feelings.
I do not know what others feel.
The tree: It feels like; "you should not laugh anymore?"
Magomed: maybe
The tree: Is there anything positive about war?
Magomed: It made me think about many things.
Magomed: Now I know many things that others do not know .
The tree: Example?
Magomed: Life and death
I was looking into the eyes of a dead russian soldier and thought....
The tree: What you thought?
Magomed: Your mother thinks that your are still alive.
you were brought up with your parents. You finished your school. You lived not too long.
Magomed: For what you lived? For what you died?
The tree: You can feel sorry for him? He was still your ennemy.
Magomed: He was alive 5 min ago he had dreams, thoughts.
What now? Whats the meaning of his life?
The tree: The guy that shot the rocket at your house maybe still has dreams and thoughts.

Magomed: I know.
Magomed: I did not feel anything at that time.
Thought he was not a mercinary. (liefde brenger)
and the pilots who bombed us.

Magomed: They have kids. And what he could say, if his kids asked him where he had been.
The tree: The feelings come later?
Magomed: War is war and it can not be otherwise
War is alwayse cruel
The tree: So you can accept that?
Magomed: What can I change? War can not be otherwise
The tree:

Maybe a heavy question from a tree, who never had to fight: Did you fight? Or did you ever think of fighting?
Magomed: I never fought and never thought to fight.
It is very difficult to explain.
I think of my parents.

Who will take care of them.
The tree: I can only have respect for that.
Lets end the chat, if you don't mind.
Thank you for talkingso openly to your old tree.
To night I gonna tell this to my fellow-trees here in Eindhoven.
You can have the last words.
Take your time
Magomed: you do not have problems like ours and I wish you would never have them.
Never invent problems out of nothing, think about neighbours, have patience, learn to forgive, love each other and we will be able to prevent violence.
Thank you
The tree: Thank you too.By
Magomed: Bye


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