© Rogier and Emmil 15 September 2000

Emmil: enters the room
Emmil: Hi
Russian soldier: enters the room
Russian soldier: Hi
Emmil: Hi
Russian soldier: This is a pretty difficult situation
Emmil: how come? Russian soldier: Don't want to do you any harm, but your people force us
Emmil: I know. How can you help us, when you people harm your own people
You are in such a difficult situation because you support those people both in Chechnya and Russia who want problems. And the reason behind your actions is great, but poor Mother Russia.
No wonder you are in a situation like that
Russian soldier: If we are the same people, why do you want to separate then?
Emmil: Because I am a Chechen and not Russian. I love Chechnya, but I donít like Russia
Russian soldier: There we go, so you don't like me?
Emmil: I do not know if I like or to hate you
Russian soldier: So your pride make the bullets fly
Emmil: Union without the will of people is doomed to separation
My pride. Are you kidding? My love of Chechnya
Russian soldier: I had to leave my family to fight you
Emmil: You had to leave your family because you are a soldier of the country which is despicable to me
Russian soldier: Why?
Emmil: because Russia has been killing us for centuries
You came to earn money to Chechnya
Russian people know that FSB blew up houses in Russia to blame it on us
Because when I am in Moscow I feel like a jew in the nazi time Germany
I feel like in a hostile country, because I am a Chechen
Russian soldier: But are you proud of these bandits in the mountains?
Emmil: I am not proud of them - I am one of the Chechen fighters
Those whom you call bandits are my best friends
And I personally do not care what you think or Russian people think about us
Russian soldier: So you make money by taking hostages?
Emmil: I am sorry, but I am not one of those gangsters who is sponsored by FSB
Try to find one next to to Kadirov
Or speak to Yamadayev brothers or Adam Deniev. They are all a part of Moscow administration in Chechnya
Russian soldier: Sorry, don't understand
Emmil: I guess you watch Poetin run news only. He was a chief of Russian FSB. No wonder you are brainwashed
Russian soldier: I think you are brainwashed too
Emmil: yes, I am brainwashed by the reality around in my country - 100 000 people killed, several thousands tortured every day at the camps. Good propaganda in Chechnya.
Emmil: That kind of propaganda encourages you to be a bandit in the mountains and kill, those who has left their families, as many as possible, as they look like beasts to me .
Emmil: You soldiers are sorry to leave your families because you know you are going to Chechnya to fight your mafia interests in the Kremlin
Russian soldier: A few days ago a friend-soldier was killed while he was sitting with his pants down in a little bush.
Emmil: Many of your friends will be killed in Chechnya. He is there to earn money. And in the war the wages are high and so is the cost you pay to get a high salary. Sometimes, you pay in your life. It is sad, but he is a man who decides what to do for himself.
You soldiers are sorry to leave your families because you know you are going to Chechnya to fight your mafia interests at the Kremlin. You know that Poetin has blown up houses in Russia, that he rigged the votes on elections, that Russian oligargs have made a monkey to a President of Russia. These are the words of Berezovsky about that monkey, not mine. You know that it was Yeltsins family with Russian oligargs which robbed the money of your country and then started the war to put their "monkey" in the seat.
They did it quite good. But what will be the end of that Zoo-games for Russia? I hope: deplorable.
And you will have no one but yourself to blame.
Russian soldier: We made your country grow, and now you re shooting at us
Emmil: You have made my country poor, man. And you have destroyed those crumbles we had. The war made a paradise out of the Gulf countries which have oil. You have turned Chechnya from your own rich country into a pithole of poverty.
Emmil: How long have you fought in Chechnya? When and Where?
Russian soldier: We tried to reach the centre of Grozny. We couldn't find it. It was gone
Emmil: So is my school, my relatives and friends gone for ever.
My aunt blown to pieces in the village of Goity. My nephews bombed out of their wits.
You guys donít know guys what real war is. What it feels like to be under the bombs with your whole family and then walk out and see who among your neighbors were killed and buried under a bomb. You do not any of it.
Russian soldier: If you separate all the countries in Russia will do the same. Then Russia will be gone
Russian soldier: (Me, Rogier, don't know anything about war don't want to upset you)
Emmil: Ok. well done, Roger, although quite shocking to see a Russian soldier here on the chat.
I am sorry , I did not know it was you
Emmil: I liked the part about the pants down - (fun)
Emmil: No wonder you do not see. Russian people are in the habit of not seeing evil and tragedy around. Stalin killed tens of millions and nobody even knew about it. Nobody cared. But you had enemies at that time - vsemirnii imperialism. Those were your "bandits in the mountains" at the time. But nobody ever sees real bandits in Russia. Those so called bandits are heroes and valiant fighters who have chosen almost certain death instead of submission to the wish of the oppressors at the Kremlin. Dudajev used to say: a slave who puts up with his slavery deserves double slavery. In this situation we are not the ones who deserve double stint. But I think there are many nations in Russia.

Russian soldier: OK. I'm going for a dangerous walk in the woods.
(You can have the last words)

Emmil: We have wonderful beach and woods. Have a nice walk and watch out for the wolves!!!
Russian soldier: (We close the chat now, gonna play this chat to night
Thank you very much, Rogier)

Emmil: what time?
Do u need me more here tonight?
Do I have to get back here?
Russian soldier: 22.30 local time here. You can see it on our site
Russian soldier: No we don't need you back here, with all respects
Emmil: ok

Emmil: what time is there now?
Russian soldier: 17.00 now
Russian soldier: You wrote a wonderful monologue, daring.
Emmil: ok
it is 8 PM here. I shall be back in 5 hours thirty minutes
Russian soldier: OK goodbye now
Emmil: thank you.
I am a poor writer. I never write.
Emmil: But I was asked to write something, so I did. But I will email you a very short essay of my buddy who can write and do good with that.
Emmil: bye


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