Ala'a Oweineh - Rogier Schippers  03-09-2003

Aa': enters the room

Ala': hi...im here...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: enters the room

Ala': oh...u dont get to see that often...

Ala': im looking the other way...(being a good boy)

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Someone shot a rocket and blew my clothes of

Ala': doesnt make much sense...

Ala': ill get u a blanket or something (if u'd accept it from me...)

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: (please Ala, one answer at the time)

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: If it's not a borka

Ala': [i know,but sometimes i need to add something to my answer...i should slow down.think before i type the answer]

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: (your move)

Ala': how did u get here?to Bethlehem?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: I was on my wy to let my child be born there, but all the hotels are full.

Ala': please explain this to me...why where you coming to bethlehem?arent you scared?its a palestinian town...?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: It's amatter of religion. I'm lucky to have the Savior in my belly
Maybe U have some space left?
This child will also be born 4 U

Ala': i want to help you,what can i do?
it doesnt matter if he is the savior or not...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: U're very kind.
How can U help me...
This is gonna be Religious ground 4 me and my
Maybe U and your people can make some space.
U're used to that

Ala': will you sign a contaract saying that you wont get the whole israeli army to protect you...then build a settlement around it...then build a wall around the settlement, and a by-pass road,on land youd confiscate from me,and then start negotiating with me and promising you would let me move from my bedroom to the toilet without a permit...
if you sign a paper promising you will not do that...im sure we can find a place for you and your child...
now...ill go and phone a doctor..he might help you&the baby...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: If it is a yewish doctor, I have to stay, how
shall I say it... clean.
About that paper...U sound so agressive.

Ala': well...im worried...we lost a whole country to you guys..remember?a
the doctor is comin anyway,i already phoned him...if you want,we can inform the israeli authorities...im sure they'll blame Arafat for it as usual, and prepare a rescue operation for you..
the doctor is coming,for the baby...
you dont look good ...are you in pain?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Yes, I'm in pain.
I suffer 4 my country.
We are constantly attacked by U.
We can not do anything else than respond.
But U seem different.
U seem to me a reasonable guy, or do U also cellebrate
these bombattacks on us?

Ala': shouldn't you be more concerened about that baby?
...ill get you some water...
What is your name anyway?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Fatima.
Thank U.
Oh my God the baby is comming!!!
Can U please read these Yewish prayers 4 me.
It's about he's the superior over the comming world

Ala': sorry...i think id rather not,ur right, i am a bit aggres

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Can U say some other prayer?

Ala': ill try...but im not good at that sort of thing...
i get too snetimental you see...its a bit embarasing...
why isnt that doctor coming??

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: He was comming with the bus.
But that seems rather dangesous these days.
U know why?

Ala': i wouldnt worry...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Now it's really comming!!!
...Say somethig to him!
It doesn't matter if it's embaracing!

Ala': god...its a boy!!
its so beautiful...reminds me of my brother...
i just wish he wouldn't be forced to become a soldier,and hold me on a checkpoint...please make the world a bit better....baby..
are you going to give him a name?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Now I get sentimenal too.
What's the name of U're brother?
He is stille a live I hope.

Ala': he's alive...
hes a happy..hes 5 months old...
\his name is "adel"...it means "the one who seeks justice"

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Then Adel be his name.
Thank U.
Jezus Christ! U have a good strong whiskey 4 me?

Ala': [i'll have to leave soon]

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: (OK ala we close down.
Thanks 4 the chat.
It will be read here in half an hour in front of the public
I hope U liked it.
Lots of succes there.
Bye, Rogier
U have the last words)

Ala': i dont know...
can i say something thats completely unrelated to the chat?

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Of course

Ala': well, i met an israeli soldier with red hair,he was probably younger than me...it was obvious he didnt like it,he was being very polite...saying please,and thank you-i met him on a checkpoint of course-he was complaining that its only orders,being apolegetic...\
this stroy doesnt have much of a point...i thought, in a very different time and place, we couldve been friends, but it was his choice to be there,stopping people from going to there homes...
and i couldn't be nice to him...
his partner was realy funny..
he was saying:"no go thro here...i see you...i know face..come back here..get on head..."...it was the only arabic the army taught them...
so the other guy had to say"please"and thank you in hebrew...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: thanks

Ala': i have to go now...

Naked Israeli Orthodox woman: Bye


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