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Episode Three


Bed is in the toilet again. It's the only room without windows. Windows can turn into a glass bomb easily, if He coughs somewhere close.

My sister calls me from Hungary, all panicky, says we should immediately go to the shelter, few moments before some 120 planes headed towards Belgrade. Sure, sis... But don't make yourself such a huge phone bill calling each moment. Off course that I wouldn't go to the shelter. Was there once, it's 20 meters bellow the ground, everyone gets his share of claustrophobia and psychosis inside... No, thanks. Mushrooms and moles live under ground, I am a humanoid form of life still. I prefer toilet life.

Biljana sleeps already, beautiful like an exhausted angel. I lay myself next to her. My right arm plays badminton with other angels... My left arm is a machine gun that shoots rat poison over the bats of subheaven. They scream a winding sound so similar to the air alert sirens. Thunders begin to strike, closer, more closer...

-... Fuck!!! This was quit close! Wake up, we should go to the shelter this time! - shouts Biljana, having jumped from the bed, tying her shoes, and grabbing the blanket.

- Calm down, - I say. - It'll pass within twenty minutes.

- No, I don't wanna calm down. You sit here and act a Superman if you like, but I....

Ka - boom!

- ...don't want to...




Mirror and bottles shake. She is trembling. The electricity is off. Yeh, I'm going. She needs me. Where's my shoe?

Outside, the fireworks. The anti-aircraft unit is just behind the cemetery across the street. Thousands of fireflies in the night skies try to expel the invisible Godzila that roars around us.

We move across the courtyard like two time one hundred points moving targets, tied to each other, so that we bring extra credit if He gets us. The building is 5 thousand points. But the real bingo is the anti-aircraft unit, some 20 thousand points and an extra life.

Christ, what a mess! We find our bed in the shelter. I hug Biljana and pet her shoulders as she cries and trembles. Something got stiff and stuck in my throat. Whom did she hurt during 21 years of her life to deserve this? Then we continue the game of heavenly badminton that was interrupted violently.

Wake up at 1 PM and discover it's a beautiful spring day. Usually He has no guts to attack by day, He aint invisible then. We take our bicycles and tennis rackets, and head to the river for the game of tennis. Everything is free these days, including tennis courts.

I am supposed to serve. Wait... something is wrong... don't know what... But where is the television tower on Avala hill? Each day you find something or someone is missing! Bon Apetite, Godzila! Sure you enjoy your food.

It's warm outside. I keep my window open. Trying to finish an e-mail to the Dutch friend. Biljana went to see her father, to borrow some gasoline - it's reduced to 20 liters a month per vehicle, you get coupons and if you are lucky enough, maybe you'll get it some day. She should have been there by now, hope the car did not stop without gasoline somewhere.

I can hear kids play ball in the parking lot, shouting. The twilight drops slowly.
I ignore the sound of airplane for a while, it became so common sound. However, it is getting louder. And louder. I realize I should turn off the computer, but even before I get to start the shutting down procedure, the sound is so loud as if plane is trying to land on the parking lot. Children scream and runaway. I want to get to the window, but the blast is faster than I am, as loud and strong as several thunders. I stand in the middle of my room, and feel the wave of pressure that almost gets me down to the floor. The electricity is off. I decide to move to the toilet. As I stand there and think how good it is that Biljana isn't here, she would go insane of fear, my heart begins to beat 300 times per minute.

When it calms down, I go to the window. There is something like spider net spread across the building, and the parking lot and everywhere, and plenty of iron and broken glass everywhere around. It was the graphite bomb.

Something big and shiny lies in the grass several steps away from my window. And my young oak tree next to my terrace is cut in two I can see. Later on police comes, they show me what is the thing in the grass: the 1,25 meter big schrapnell that hit the oak tree, otherwise it would drop into my room. A car is destroyed on the parking site.

Well, you missed hundred points this time, Big Boy.

Biljana calls me on the phone to see if I am well. She decided to stay with her parents that night. Wise.

Couple of hours later, I hear the familiar sound, as if some rusty doors are squeaking in the sky... Tomahawk missile... Before I finish my thought, three blasts one by one hit the electricity central some 300 meters from my building. Thick black pillar of smoke moves in our direction, some 20 meters wide. I close the window, but would it help? Next day I hear there were casualties in that attack... The collateral damage guy was killed while locking his car in front of his place, and several others were injured in their homes. The car was twenty two years old. He was twenty one. The tomahawk was some two years old, spring&summer collection 1997.

Ten thousand and one hundred points for You, lizard.

I read the news on the internet. They speculate with the ground troops attack - should they attack from Hungary or Bosnia first... For almost ten years War is out there to get me, and I got to avoid it each time. But this time I don't intend to. I was trained as an anti-tank artillery fighter. I catch myself figuring myself blasting His tanks somewhere, and for the first time in my life I feel OK about it. Not happy, but OK. Cause You ate my oak tree, Lizard. Cause You make my girlfriend ill of fear. Cause You ate my normal life, and parts of my city, and roar at my friends who never hurt anyone. I know this is probably peanuts compared to what people pass thru in Kosovo, but still a descent nightmare.
Cant sleep. Biljana got to sleep somehow. I look at the lightless city and try to locate blasts when they occure, enjoying the fireworks in the sky. One airplane is particularly stubborn, it cruises on and on, obviously too high for our defense, and drops its missiles each while. Usually they hit and run, but this one is here for half an hour already. I feel more and more uneasy, as closer it cruises over us, and as it blasts closer and closer to us. God, how long you will allow this?... Suddenly, the football fans noise, at 2 AM. People like me looked at the skies from their windows and terraces and our team suddenly scored! I jump to the window and see the fireball that drops towards the northwest suburbia making lots of noise.

Don't know... Maybe I am caught by the collective psychosis... But it's 5000 points for us, you Bastard. And I am really glad.

Radio BBC says this war can last next 4 years if necessary... I switch it off. Don't care. Lets make it a hundred years war. Maybe some humanoids will survive on each side.



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