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Play  Nahidh al-Ramadhani (English, Translated from Arabic by Y.S.Yahya)
" The Tale of (Hoo)" March 2008 .
Ooglive  Ooglive - Artists comments on the News - Amsterdam
29-09-2006 chat with Afghanistan
Dialogue  Sohrab Kabuli - Roel Verniers (English)
"Of course we have a laptop" September 29 -2006.
Video-registration  Ooglive - English
Amsterdam September 29 -2006.
Monologue  Sohrab Kabuli - Roel Verniers (English)
"Another name" September 29 -2006.
BAGDAD Caf╚ - Irak -Monty Belgium
Video-registration  Bagdad Caf╚ (mixed language)
March 20 -2006.
Dialogue  Nahidh - Rogier Schippers (Nederlands)
"Bloed van een ezel "  March 20 -2006.
Dialogue  Sawsan - Jeroen Olyslaegers (Nederlands)
"Throw the pollen grains"   March 20 -2006.
Dialogue  Mohammad -Roel Verniers (Nederlands)
" Kruisverhoor "  March 20 -2006.
Dialogue  Mohammad -Rogier Schippers (English)
" The unimaginable diversity of bombs"  March 15 -2006.
Dialogue  Mohammad - Rogier Schippers (English)
"Drugs"  March 8 -2006.
Monologue Mohammad (Arab)
March - 2006.
Dialogue  Dhafaar - Jorre VandenBussche (English)
"Beauty contest in Bagdad "  March 8 -2006.
Monologue  Nahidh (English)
"Looking for a new start "  March - 2006.
Dialogue  Nahidh - Rogier Schippers (English)
"Kids"  March 3-2006.
Monologue  Sarmad (English) March - 2006.
Dialogue  Sarmad - Rogier Schippers (English)
"Statue of Liberty in a Bombcar"  March 2-2006.
Dialogue  Fadhil - Rogier Schippers (English)
"All the way fom Denmark "  Febuary 28-2006.
Dialogue  Fadhil - Rogier Schippers (English)
"Bush in Bagdad"  Febuary 26-2006.
Borgerhout - De Singel Antwerpen Belgium

Dialogues  Several dialogues.
Written during workshop at Koning Willem I College 's-Hertogenbosch (Dutch)
  March 13-2004.

Dialogue  Willem Voet - Rogier Schippers (Dutch)
"BMW in me gevel"  March 13-2004.

Dialogue  Razik - Rogier Schippers (Dutch)
"Ah, kijk daar eens: een kansarme Marokkaan" March 13-2004.

Dialogue 2  Willem Voet - Rogier Schippers (Dutch)
"Prinsessen en handtassendieven"  March 13-2004.

Monologue  Willem Voet (Dutch)
"het leven in Borgerhout" 
March 13-2004.

Dialogue  Samira Balaji - Dominique van Steerthem (Dutch)
"Heavy Chat" March 13-2004.

Monologue  Samira Balaji (Dutch)
"Nooit problemen" 
March 13-2004.

Dialogue  Elise Hooft - Rogier Schippers (Dutch)
March 13-2004.

Monologue  Elise Voet (Dutch)
"Leven jullie nog?" 
March 13-2004.

Dialogue  Gil Mezuman - Willy Thomas
"Peace is not somethi
ng you pray for September 03-2003.

Dialogue  Ala'a Oweineh - Rogier Schippers
"I suffer 4 my country September 03-2003.

  Shlomo Blass - Jeroen Olyslaegers
"Not everything is about clothes Mr. Victim.
September 03-2003.

Monologue  Shlomo Blass
"Faith in th Future" 
September 03-2003.

  Gil Mezuman
"Passover Eve" 
August 31-2003.

Dialogue  Samer and Rogier Schippers
September 14-09-2002.

Pictures  Images from performance Klub Koe

Dialogue  Paul Salome and Doeko Langhorst
September 14-09-2002.

Monologue  Paul Salome, Doctor (Dutch)
"From behind my desk" 14-09-2002.

Monologue  Samer from Gaza strip
"Seeking peace" 11-09-2002.

Dialogue  Farid Asey and Jeroen Olyslagers
December 11th 2001.

Dialogue  Chat of Zulfiqar
"History of Hazaras  "December 11th 2001.

Dialogue  Suraya Dalil and Rogier Schippers
December 11th 2001.

Monologue  Ala Oweihneh
If I get a bullet in the head, do I feel anything?" - December 11th 2001.

Monologue  Farid Asey from Islamabad
Reflections in a mirror" - December 11th 2001.

Monologue  Suraya Dalil from Islamabad
Fleeing in burqa" - December 11th 2001.

Dialogue  Vladimir Markovic and Rogier Schippers
The Beard of Bush" - November 11th 2001

  Tonya Leary and Don Duyns
I love New York" - November 11th 2001.

  by ala Oweihneh
Clinging to the tiny battered twig of hope" - November 11th 2001.

Monologue  by Tonya Leary
WTC Disaster" - November 11th 2001.

Monologue  by Tonya Leary
WTC Aftermath" - November 11th 2001.

  by Jelica Novakovic (Dutch)
Gewijzigd adres" - November 11th 2001.

  by Vladimir Markovic 
Sympathy for the Sheytan" - November 11th 2001.

Monologue  by Raed Atieh (French)
Les massacres du Beit Rima, Betlehem" - November 11th 2001.

  by Ghada Da'as 
Pinn-point accuracy missiles - Bullshit!" - November 11th 2001.

Monologue  by Anonym 
"I have nothing to say anymore
" - November 11th 2001.

Werkstad / Werkstatt - from September 17th until 23rd 2001
A collection of Dialogues
  written during a meeting of German, Belgian and Dutch dramatist.

Several dialogues  written at a meeting at Growing up in Public 5th may 2001 (Dutch!)
Dutch dramatists first encounter in creating chat-drama. Date: 05-05-2001

Dialogue  by Rogier Schippers and Gert Swaen (Dutch!) Video fragment.
Officier van Justitie: "Mijn handen jeuken ook wel eens". Date: 9-17-2000

Dialogue  by Rutger Kroon en Michiel Xander Beute (Dutch!) Video fragment.
Beul Bambi. Date: 9-17-2000

Monologue  by Peter van Straelen, played by Arnoud Jacobs (Dutch!) Video fragment.
Eens droomden wij. Date: 9-17-2000

Dialogue  by Rogier Scippers and Magamed
The tree in front of my house. Date: 9-17-2000

Dialogue  by Rogier Schippers and Rutger Kroon (Dutch)
Date: 9-17-2000

Dialogue  by Rogier Schippers and Vladimir Markovic
Female Nato fighter Date: 9-16-2000

Dialogue  by Esther Gerritsen and Anonym
Date: 9-16-2000

Dialogue  by Rogier Schippers and Emmil Video fragment.
Being shot sitting pants down in a little bush. Date: 9-15-2000

Dialogue  by Esther Gerritsen and Ton Herbrink (Dutch!) Video fragment.
Pietje Bell ondervraagt oorlogsveteraan. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  Anonym
Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Magamed
3 days of my life in war time. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Ton Herbrink (Dutch!) Video fragment.

Monologue  by Marcel Roelfsema
GREEN EYE OF DEATH. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Gert"The Dutch Godfather"Swaen (Dutch!)
Zinvol Geweld. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Xander Michiel Beute (Dutch!) Video fragment.
Nachtvoorstelling. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Emmil Video fragment.
Back to Grozny. Date: 9-15-2000

Monologue  by Heleen Volman (English!)
Pavementtiles. Date: 11-4-2000

Monologue  by Heleen Volman (Dutch!)
Stoeptegels. Date: 11-4-2000

Monologue  by Rob Zegerius (Dutch!) Video fragment.
De Moordenaar. Date: 10-2-2000

Dialogue  by Paul de Bruyne & Rogier Schippers (Dutch!)
Dutroux and Tiepie arriving in Albani╬. Written during performance-chat 01-07-2000 at the Verschijning. (created 19-02-00)

Dialogue  by Esther Gerritsen & Rogier Schippers
Dialogue between Eve and Ploert, written during performance-chat 19-02-2000 (created 19-02-00)

Dialogue  by Fofi & Rogier Schippers
Dialogue between Fofi and the death, written during performance-chat 18-02-2000 (created 19-02-00)

Dialogue  by Esther Gerritsen & Rogier Schippers
Dialogue between Ally and the Deathwritten during performance-chat 18-02-2000 (created 18-02-00)

Invisible Godzila  by Vladimir Markovic
 Bombs. Each day you find something or someone is missing!  (received 17-02-00)

Numb Drums  by Vladimir Markovic
 Visiting the city of Prishtina.  (received 14-02-00)

Poem  by Fofi
Poem from Beirut. (received 11-02-00)

Rapid Eye Movement/Part II - Nederlands - by Rogier Schippers
De Dood, in de persoon van een verbazingwekkend mooie, jonge vrouw.
"Ik ben dood, best mooi h╦?
Ik ben het laatste wat je ziet. En dat is een understatement." (received 8-02-00)

Rapid Eye Movement/Part II - English - by Rogier Schippers
DEATH, in the person of an astonishing beautifull, young woman.
"I'm death. Not bad, don't you think?
I'm the last you'll ever see. And that's an understatement. (received 8-02-00)

Yama betreedt het slachtveld  - Nederlands - by Jeroen Thijssen
Yama is de Indiase/Nepalese/Chinese god/koning/demon van de dood,
voorgesteld als een man met een stierenkop. (received 3-02-00)

Yama enters the battlefield  - English - by Jeroen Thijssen
Yama the Indian/Nepalese/Chinese god/king/demon of Death,
represented as a man with a bullshead. (received 3-02-00)

The Soldier No.3 of 'Moments of Truth' by Gareth Pilkington
Join the army. Change your life. Will it?
They say the army can dehumanise you. Not necessarily, if you start dehumanised. Indeed, for Richard the effect was quite the opposite. (received24-01-00)


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