Shlomo Blass - Jeroen Olyslaegers 03-09-2003

fashion victim: enters the room
Shlomo: enters the room
fashion victim: hi shlomo, how are you?
Shlomo: enters the room
Shlomo: (hope I'm really in this time. What is fashion victim?)

fashion victim: someone like me who loves fashion and is always welldressed

Shlomo: poor you.. (joking)

fashion victim: yeah poor me, watching tv, doing a little coke and waiting for friends who will take me to a party in a couple of hours

Shlomo: what would you like to talk about this beautiful evening?

fashion victim: anything i`m kinda bored

Shlomo: pick a topic

fashion victim: let`s talk about you then... shlomo, that`s a jewish name, right?

Shlomo: you are right. this is the Hebrew name of King Solomon
the son of king David

fashion victim: sounds sexy, you seem to know something about history. but you jews are obsessed by history i guess.
Shlomo: better and healthier than being obsessed about clothing and coke. anyway what is this "you Jews" all about?

fashion victim: my obsession seems healthier in the long run, shlomo> my obsession doesn`t hurt anyone. and don`t get too sensitive about me talking about jews. i wasn`t trying to offend you relax. i just thought that for you guys, history and your homeland is important or am i wrong?

Shlomo: Jewish tradition always promoted morals and values which were accepted by the western world. Ideas of Justice, Democracy, education for all, charity...
these values helped promote the world from a moral perspective.
BTW I'm not offended. Usually when people generalize about Jews it is for the purpose of accusing them for something.

fashion victim: 'tradition' what a lovely word. and are you guys also trying to offer that famous jewish tradition to the palestinians and the arab world. because.. maybe i`m wrong but those guys don`t seem too happy abou your kinda tradition.

Shlomo: The palestinians and their corrupt regime are a very good example of people who did not accept values of justice democracy and human rights. Arafat did become the fifth richest leader in the world (according to Forbes Magazine) by selling flowers but rather by "taking care" of his peoples money. We fight the people who want our anahilation. does that seem unreasonable to you?

fashion victim: not at all. but am i to believe that your regime is not corrupt? and that some of you are not rich? you don`t like to be stereotyped as a jew but you yourself seem to generalize also. am i to believe that all these palestinians are fucked up and correct?

Shlomo: as you well know in a democracy such as ours there are checks and balances and people are equal to the law. We have courts rules. We are not a dictatorship like the PA which can (and do) execute people after a 2 hour trial.
I feel sorry for many of the Palestinians for the leadership they are subjigated to.

fashion victim: so i guess you were in the jewish army and occupying these poor bastards who have such a poor idea of democracy?

Shlomo: "I guess" was really the right way to begin your sentence. You are so busy buying new clothes and consuming coke that you are mainly left with guesses about the real situation in the Middle East.
I was in the Jewish army protecting my people from Arab terrorists who blow themselves up in Pizza shops and buses. The terrorist movements were established 3 years before the so called "occupation" even began

fashion victim: yeah, well i`m mixing another cocktail while i write this. maybe i`m kinda arrogant to say this but here i am, all relaxed. my life is one big party. don`t you want it? come over to europe, forget about all that heavy stuff. why do you stay there. it all sounds a bit unnecessary to me.

Shlomo: Do you mean RETURN to Europe. Must I remind you why there aren't that many Jews in Europe today? Israel is our home and here we have the right and (finally after 2000 years of persecution) the ability to defend ourselves and not be dependant on the mercy of others.

fashion victim: must i remind you that hitler is dead? your 2000 years of persecution seems to be a thing that your government use all the time to get what you guys want. are you planning to exploit the holocaust for the next 2000 years? why don`t you make a clean break with all that? we live in a global community, right? the situation in your country seems hopeless and dumb.

Shlomo: must I remind you that antisemitism is on the rise again all over Europe. The nuber of synagogues desicrated and burnt in the past few years in Europe is higher than the number of those burnt in the thirties. At least in Israel we can defend ourselves from the new Antisemites. The PA constitution -very much like Hitler- states that it's final goal is destroying the Jewish nation. What "clean break" are you talking about? Europe first murders us and than blames us for exploiting the situation how low can you get?
fashion victim: let`s talk about good and evil. hitler was more than probably one of the most evil guys around in modern history. let`s take someone as mahatma ghandi as his exact opposite. you seem to suggest that the palestians are closer to hitler than to ghandi, right? so where do you situate your government? closer to ghandi? sorry that i suddenly turn philosophical, it must be the coke hitting my brain...

Shlomo: We are like Churchil who decided to fight evil and not surrender to it like his predececor. Jewdaism does not believe in being passive. Since it has faith in the world and in man kind it commands one to fight for what is right for himself and for generations to come. 60 years ago people did not really appose Hitler and even cooperated with him (I will not mention names...). It might take another 60 for Europe to understand what the PA is.
And if you are in the philosofical mood let me ask you a question. Why was Hitler (who you agree was such an evil figure) after the Jews?

fashion victim: i have no idea. because some of you guys wear funny clothes? perhaps you can answer the question, why do you think hitler tried to kill you all?

Shlomo: Not everything is about clothes Mr. Victim. Hitler accused the Jews for introducing the conscience to the Pagan world. This war I guess is not over yet. But I am sure that Good will prevail over Evil. People must decide if they want to take part in fighting for the moral benifit of the world or do they want to spend the 70 years they have on earth snorting drugs and buying clothes.

fashion victim: well, i know what i would choose. oops, that`s the door bell. my friends are picking me up for a party, DJ Hell is going to spin some records. have a great life, shlomo. thanks and goodnight.

Shlomo: Good night.


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