Pin-point accuracy missiles… BULLSHIT!  

© Ghada Daas 11 November 2001

My name is Ghada Daas. I am a U.S. citizen born in Washington D.C. I  grew up in America therefore I think of myself as much American as I am Arab.

      This is a written complaint about the recent attack on Abu Ali Mustafa in Al-Bireh. I live in the building where he was assassinated. My girls Leila and Hanean Daas who are ten and two years old sleep in the bedroom directly below Mr. Zabri's office where he was killed. I was in the house with my three daughters at 11:20 when the missiles hit our building.

I cannot begin to tell u how disgusted I am with the Israeli government, for this is state terrorism. I shake with anger and frustration as I write these words. How dare they (Israel) terrorize the Palestinian people this way! They have the nerves to call us (Palestinian) terrorist! What do they call the attack on Mr. Zabri who was in a building occupied by 50 civilians, half of which are American citizens, other American citizens homes on the street were also severely damaged. Israel said had they known of the American citizens, they would have gone ahead with the attack anyway because of their pin-point accuracy missiles… BULLSHIT! My home was covered with shards and shards of glass, had my girls been in any of the rooms or bathrooms they would have been killed as innocent bystanders. I could see Israel's response, we regret the loss of their lives, that's it. I am disgusted and demand full compensation for all the damage and therapy my family had to endure. We are tax payers in the U.S. and we feel very betrayed by the U.S. who supply Israel with F-16's and U.S. made missiles to be used on the Palestinian people as if our lives are worthless. I have been very edgy since the attack and sometimes take the frustration out on my family. My children panic every time they hear noise and stay up till 4 am EVERY night because they can't sleep from worry. I beg the American peoples government to stop Israel, for they know no limits. Israel is a very racist government and must be controlled. The U.S. is the super power or so I thought, I voted for Mr. Bush, I regret that now, we have a right to live in peace, my children deserve a normal childhood, as do all Palestinian children who have lost their innocence due to this awful situation.

Please help.

 Abdul & Ghada Daas


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