© Fadhil - Rogier Schippers   28-02-2006

Hamlet: enters the room
Hamlet: it seems that there is not only something rotten in the state of Danmark.
Fadhil : enters the room
Fadhil : The rotten things are everywhere sir ,and the live fresh things do not last so long , what remains is the bitter history
Hamlet: It seems like it is all in the blood, kill and be killed bij your own blood
Fadhil : Sir you look as one of those wearing an explosive belt , and you have the urge to destroy yourself and the this rotten world which took everything from you
Hamlet: I'm wearing one yes, though it is an old one.
It is more the bitterness in my vains that can cause an explosion.
Is it bitterness in you that keeps the machine of your hart going?
Fadhil : for sure ,but i was Don Quishot , then this bitterness would be my sole armour and weapon in facing the mad events in my country and my bittrness is greater cause my enemies are not the air mills,do you recognize your enemies Sir?
Hamlet: It is hard to recognize them, cause even they want to do something to the world.
Oh poor world.
I heard you are artist is this tourmented country.
can you make still beautifull things?
Fadhil : I work in the field of theatre drama , and from my first lesson in theatre and drama , from the eighties I did not ever stop from recreating and reproducing beautifull things,,,, things that are not given easily in life and offered through theatre , the theatre gives beauty,balances me and gives me strength , in real life I am a weak indiviual with no weapons to protect me , and my battles in life are lost event my sole weapon is the theatre, and peace .
Hamlet: that makes us brothers in weekness.
Isn't it pain brother, pain that gives live to theatre?
Lookes like you will have a lot of inspiration fot the future.
Wasn't it a bomb that just missed you this afternoon?
And now you are talking to the old Hamlet, forever young?
Can you tell me what you felt this afternoon?
Fadhil : first I felt that it will not be the last unless I was the last one ,Oh but not all have a heart like mine , I see my self looking at my Baghdad from a cloud , but what i see ? I see a torn country like the helmet of a lost soldier at the salt land ...
our country is not the same our faces are not the same even our words are not the same..I felt sieged in my own city like a small mouse trying to find an escape , and in fact even though i escaped death I felt death ,it was too much more than we can support and i may be the next victim
Hamlet: Can someone get used to death?
Fadhil : when we are forced to be killed daily so cruelly we will enforce on him our will to live
Fadhil : when we are forced to be killed daily so cruelly we will enforce on him our will to live
Hamlet: I would like to drive back to Denmark by car. Can you tell me what a liter gaz costs at the pomp?
Is there a gazpomp near you?
If would like to leave now, what is the best route?
If I would leave tomorrow, you still have something beautifull that you would like me to see?

Fadhil : Gaz is no problem we can buy for you from the black market , it is cheap!!! if compaired by the life of a humenbeing ,our routes are openwide , our frontiers are open , our sky is open , nothing will stop you , only one thing can be in your way and makes your return back to the Denemark , an american solidier with black glasses , who is ignorant about anthing our histroy , our ancesters who wrote the first letters , the first love , the first poem , the first harp and epic at that moment you have to forget all about Denmark ,forget Hamelt maybe if you sing the old song
It has been a hard days night
and I was working like a dog
It has been a hard days night
I should be sleeping like a log ..
maybe then he would smile back and at that moment you can escape
Hamlet: thank you for your time and advice.
i'll sing the song live on stage.
I leave you now.
Next time I'll bring some Danish flags.
They must bring me a little fortune.
Thanks again.

Fadhil : I think we should escape too since the electricty will escape from us
Fadhil : Bye from me too


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