© Fadhil - Rogier Schippers   26-02-2006

bush: enters the room
bush: (Hi Sawsan, I'm Rogier Schippers, playwriter in Amsterdam.
In this chat I will be the character of George Bush visiting Bagdad.
You just answer as yourself.)
bush: My God, what a mess here!
Fadhil : Hi greetings from a fearfully silent Baghdad
Bush: Hi you too. Still a mess here in Bagdad. Can't you clean it up?
Youi call this civelisation?
Fadhil : so nice to get the chance to chat with Mr Bush are you asking my opion whether your forces are staying or leaving
Bush: I was asking you is you can't clean up the mess when a friendly presisident is visiting
Fadhil : visit our country
Bush: I'm visiting your country now. I see a mess. Gold everywere on the street. Your bank just exploded?
Fadhil : do we have to thank you for the mess that we are living in rightnow ?
Bush: I don't know.
Can't remember USA bombs exploding lately.
Fadhil : how can we clean the mess and the footprints of the soldiers are soiling the c city
Fadhil : But you have not only bombs
Bush: Aha! You are telling me to send in more troops to help you clean up the city?
Fadhil : Thank you for sending terrisome for us this made the cities even messier and you deserve the medalle of gold for this inventioon
Bush: I love gold medals. Thank you. But I can't remember sending in terrisome
Fadhil : for the last three years your armed forces where passing everywhere destructing not thinking of planting just bringing death and bombs
Bush: We cleaned up Sadam. You allready miss him?
Fadhil : No thank you we do not need more troops the better clean DC
Bush: We brought you free elections.
Fadhil : you need to clean all your left overs not only Saddam
Bush: Explain. The USA loves to clean up.
Fadhil : Do you plan to visit Baghdad sites ?
Bush: Ofcourse, I love culture
Fadhil : but no much has left thanks to your contribution in the field of culture
Fadhil : I can invite you to visit our destroyed national musuem
Bush: We caal that: progressing towards a new age.
But tell me, what should the USA do right now?
Fadhil : Do you consider yourself the representative of US or there is a silent majority somewhere ?
Bush: I'm the President of the USA. That should be representative enough.
As long as a majority stays silent it don't exist.
And if it should speak, what should they say you think?
Fadhil : they would tell you to leave before you get the Iraqi flu!!!!
Bush: What is the Iraqi flu?
Fadhil : I would like to ask you a question Mr President do you a have a surplus in the no of people so that you are sending them to die in Iraq to get a new wealth disribution
Bush: Can I ask you a question back?
When someone is raped right in front of you, should you not react?
Fadhil : well it is a new epidemic that attacks all invaders and leave them suffering from the mesopatimia curse , the came laughing and leave in a coffin
Bush: Thanks for the explanation.
Can you answer my quetion?
Fadhil : of course i will react
Fadhil : w'ont you too
Fadhil : i will react in Hamlet manner
Bush: We saw the Iraki people being raped. We intervented.
Fadhil : it is one time now we are being raped many times and it is even tougher to be raped for several times by so many
Bush: I understand, and the USA is glad to put that to an end.
But now it lookes like the Iraki's are raping eachother.
If the USA leaves, what will happen?
You can call this a political question, but I think it is about violence.
Fadhil : Between Iraqis it can not be called rape it is kind of a family conflict , and it is since Abel and Kane that brothers quarelle
Bush: A family conflict...
A quarell...
That makes Sadam a sort of 'impulsive father'.
(We have to end the chat, mather of time, you have the last words.
What would you like to say to the audience, if this chat is being read in
Take your time. Thanks, Bye)
Fadhil : I would not describe Saddam as an impulsive father , he never was a father and his impulssivness was foolish and it killed him , Saddam is finished but Iraq remained and will be there and we will be inbalanced in a while our fasicantion for life keep us alive and as Taghour the great indean poet said " If there was no alternative but to stand on the remains of the fire so you have to creat an inllusion that the coal is cold " and I assure you that we will protect our dreams . Ma'a al salama as we say .....


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