© Esther and Anonym 16 September 2000

Esther: enters the room
Esther: Hello? To X. and Z. Are you there?
X: enters the room
X: Good Evening,
X: Right now i am here. Are You here ?
Esther: Good evening! Great. This works better than the telephone
X: Yeah, that's right :)
Esther: The evening here starts over an hour and 45 minutes. So maybe we can talk a little bit now, - to introduces ourselves - and do the dialoge later?
X: During the phone cal, i heard everything you say,
but as i understood, you didn't hear me at all :(
Esther: Oh my, so you heard me do a monolg over and over again, I hardly heard you, only heard you say once that you could understand me
X: hmm i tried to say something, but you just kept talking
and talking, so i told myself, man you better listen and not
talk, lol
X: so what i knew is that you are a writer, 28 years old,

Esther: Well, i couldn here you at all, it had something to do with the line, the soudn just fell away, so I thought, well as long as you are the only one who can hear something I better talk.

Yes, I'm a writer, 28 years old, and married. I write thaterplays and just publshed a book with short storys. I live in Amsterdam, the capitol of Holland, but I grew up in a small village.
Esther: But what about you? I understood you study in Egypt. Ehat do you study?
X: enters the room
X: as i understood it was a Disconnect,
Esther: yes,
Esther: i normaaly do listen
X: i am 22 years old, yes i was studing, but i have left the
university. Cause it it very difficult for me to to study
and work. I have to work, in order to provide the living of my
Esther: What were you studying? And how do you and your family live?
X: i do make some translations, from russian into english,
verbal translations from arabic into english and russian etc.
X: I was studing Religion, Islamic religion, but i still do study
it at home, or with my frinds that still do study in university.
Esther: Do you have a computer at home? Or are you in an internetcafe right now?
X: that's all our story is short and not so interesting :)
no i don;t have comp. at home i am in internet cafe right now :)
X: i don;t know but the chat box is a little bit slow with, me
it refreshes the window with a very low speed, may be connection
is not very good :(
Esther: AS I understood I will talk with your mother over about one hour? And that yoy will translate for her?

(No I don't know hat it is with this connection, but I will ask someone here. Oh, someone says it might help if yoy shut down the computer and start again.
X: i have switched it on by myself, it wasn't working, ok i will do it later,
yes i will be translating for her.
Esther: Great. Is she with you right now?
X: no right now , now but she will come after half an hour
X: Esther can you briefly describe me how does it all look like,
i mean stage, and screen where they can see what we do write
Esther: Oh that's good. So you live with your mother and your little brother and sister?

How it looks like. We are in an old sort of factory that is empty. This room is not very large. (you can look on the website and see the stage there) I think about fifty people can sit on the small tribune. What we write is beeing projected on wall. And when we are finished we print it out, and two actors will do the dialoge for the audience.
X: ok, and monologue ? i mean we will talk about something else than monologue ?
Esther: the people will also hear here monologue, so we can also talk about other things. About how your/her life is right now, for example.
Z: enters the room
Z: Good Evening Esther,
Esther: Good evening Z
Z: how are you ?
Esther: I'm fine thank you. How are you?
Z: Is Mr.Pieter Verhees here ?
Esther: Yes, he is here, he says hello to you and aks me to give you his regards.
Z: X told me about you :) it is very nice to meet you, and
i want to thank you for what you do, there is little of those
who pay attention to the war and to the horrors that my nation
is getting through, thank you and please thank him on my behalf
Esther: I will thank him.
I think it helps if people get to know people. If I meet someone, in real life, or on the internet, I want to know where they come from and how life is in their country. I think it will work like that tonight. I a way people get to know you, and then they want to know about your life and your country. It becomes more real than in the newspaper.
Esther: Today there was news in our papers about Chechnya. About another inidident where innocent civillians where killed. News reaches us.
Z: yes and it is very nice idea, Esther really i don;t know what
to tell the people about the country that i am leaving in,
there is nothing to say, it all bad, and i am limited in
everything, please can you advise me what should i say,
Esther: Tell me about Grozny. What we see is what happened to the city, but we don't know what they destroyed. Can you tell me about a favourite spot of you in the city...
Z: city was very small and i liked it all, it was full of green,
and life was prospering, city was totally destroyed, there is
building left that wasn't hit by bomb,

Esther: DDid you grew up there? Did you also live in Grozny as a child?
Z: enters the room
Z: i am sorry but there is something wrong here
Esther: I can still read what you write....what's wrong overthere?
Z: it just stops, X told that connection is not so good,
they said that it won't happen again, i hope that it won't
Z: i grew up in grozny my children did, i have finished school in grozny,
all my life was there.. but know it is all away, i still
can't believe that there is nothing left, people that visit groznym
or chechnya say that they feel that they are aliens in the city, the people
that lived there all their life say so.
Esther: Does the ' idea' of a future exists right now for you, or did time sort of stop?
Z: yes the idea of future of course exists , and it exist only because
of my children, they still have to live, the life is just
starting for them, so they are my future i want them to get a good
Esther: Do they go to school in Egypt? How does an average day of your life right now in Egypt look like?
Z: enters the room
Z: i want them to get a good education, and the all of us will move back
chechnya, my elder son X told me that the only reason that
will force him to stay outside of chechnya is to get educated,
as well as hid brother and sister, and then he will go back
to Chechnya. And will do his best to help the people
Esther: Do you have contact with people who live in Checnya right now? Or is that impossible?
Z: No they do not attend a school, you have to pay for the education,
i am teaching them by myself, my eldest son helps me with that,

Z: right no of course it is impossible. I haven;t heard for 2 years
about my mother, that is alone there. What i know is about the
knews on the internet, or TV, some chechnians that live here, or new
comers tell us about what is happening there
Esther: Are there things that comfort you? Or thoughts...
Z: Yes thoughts may be, i am an optimist, and my children are ,
nowadays i am living by the bright future, the future when
my children will grow up, get educated, have families,
and all of them in grozny, and all of us will sit one day,
in the house of my mother, under that big tree in the yard,
laughing, and telling each other stories. This thoughts are
the only escape for me nowadays.
Esther: That's a beautifull thought. It makes me think of my father who is always looking forward on getting old, and sitting in his garden....
Esther: Do you have contact with other Chechens in Egypt? Do you look eachother up?
Z: Yes there is chechenians in egypt, but all of them are students,
some of them are with families. We contact each other from
time to time, and visit each other. But all this contacts and
visits are not so frequent.
Esther: How do your childeren cope with their memories in Chechnya?
Z: i just told them to forget everything, and remeber it like
just a bad dream. My eldest son X oftenly talk with them
about the war. Explain them what is happening there, who is
wrong and who is right.

They are young right now, so they don't take it close to their
hearts, as i do, or my eldest son does.

Esther: Is there a way to understand violence?
Z: i think that there is...
Esther: ....
Z: violence, you know it is hard to explain this, violence as
any of us knows it is use of physical force to injure somebody,
to damage something

Z: understanding violence is... difficult, you have to see it,
i can write and write and write, but i am not quite sure that
i will be able to describe it...

It's like you read a book, or read an article in a newspaper
about....for example ..an innocent family was killed or a
young male beaten up to death, of course you feel sorry for
the guy or for the family, and then you put the book or
newspaper aside and after several hours you forget about that,
Esther: Maybe it is an impossible question, but important to ask nevertheless...

(I have to stop right now. I want to thank you very much for talking to me, talking to us. I wish you with all my heart the future you dream of...
Z: Thank you very much too, I want to thank the organizers
of this perfomance...

Z: for what they did, there is very little of those who try to
deliver the message and show what my nation is getting through

THANK YOU one more time...
Esther: Thank you for letting us meet you, you have a good night and amny greetings to your son. Esther
Z: Thank you too, and many greetings to Mr.Pieter and Rogier


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