© Esther Gerritsen & Rogier Schippers Feb 2000

Dialogue, written during performance-chat 19-02-2000

Eve: Enters Chatroom

Eve: (sings:) Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.

Eve: (sings:) is not warm when she's away.

ploert:Enters Chatroom

Eve: (sings) Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, and this house just ain't no warm any time she go's away

ploert: (sings: Gonna fuck you in the morning, Gonna fuck you in the night)

Eve: Is that the song your mother sang to you to make you go asleep

ploert: Enters Chatroom

ploert: test

Eve: test?

Eve: whats the matter? you don't know the words of the song?

ploert: I'm entering a womans house. And you begin about my mother? You ask for it baby. You ask for the hard way

Eve: oh, whatever you're gonna do, it's my own fault?

Eve: Get out.

Eve: Do you want a cup of coffee?

ploert: Yeah, thee, yeah, lets just wait a moment.

Eve: Tea?

ploert: Cofee makes me nervous

Eve: And we wouldn't want that, would we? So what did you had in mind? If you don't mind me asking.

ploert: I do. But something makes me wait to do it to you.'don't know what it is. You remind me of something. What can it be ?

Eve: You won't hear me about your mother.

ploert: There you fucking go again. Thats the result of waiting. Never wait.

Eve: Sugar?

ploert: thank you baby

Eve: What happened to your face?

ploert: The result of another chat with a lady. 'Came to close.

Eve: To close? Poor baby. Are you scared? Of the things I'm gonna do with you?

ploert: Stay away from me you fuch. Show a little respect. Little fear maybe

Eve: Oh I'm sorry, keep forgetting, I'm the victim.

Eve: It's an ugly habit. I got so bored beeing the victim that I started herrassing all the men that came to my house.

ploert: Fuck you, I'm the one that makes you the victem

Eve: yes, Yes, I'm sorry, please, assault me.

ploert: But.. but... Can't find my knife. Sorry, you got a knife?

Eve: You don't need a knife. You can start with the other stuf.

ploert: (

Eve: we moeten helaas weer stoppen. Ik geef nog een reactie als ploert, dan jij de laatste)

ploert: What you fuck meen by that?

Eve: You don''t know? I mean... I mean, you should finish your tea, first.

Eve: please

Eve: (hallo?)

Eve: Leaves Chatroom  


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