© Esther Gerritsen & Rogier Schippers Feb 2000

Dialogue of chat during performance 18-02-2000

ally: Enters Chatroom

ally: first word: hello

ally: I'm talking but nobody hears me.

ally: Or worse, I'm talking, everybody hears me. Nobody answers.

death: Enters Chatroom

ally: I won't say: Welcome.

death: hELLO THERE

ally: Hello. I think you're lost.

death: (I'm death. A beatifull woman)

death: I'm never lost, that's kind of nice, also trgic

ally: Never thought death had anything to do with looks.

ally: I answered an earlier remark. But hey, you're death, to quick for me.

death: It hasn't. People are mostly very convused when they see a yong woman as the death

death: I'm not looking for you, just need a talk

ally: Death needs a talk? Do you also need help? I love to help.

death: maybe

ally: Listen, I'm no enemy of death. Just want to talk about your timing.

death: Somethig wrong with that?

ally: Do you ever get invited to the wrong party's? Are you ever at places, at times you don't want to be? Or do I underestimate you?

death: I always go to party's allone, never go home alone. I bring lonelyness and leave lonelyness

ally: Okay. Cut the crap. You're not looking for me. Just want to talk. But you never get lost. So what are you here for? Is this a warning? Is this a sick joke?

death: Ok. now whwt about you? I never find the time to get to know somebody

ally: I asked you first. But what the fuck, I've got nothing to fear from you, you'll do you're thing anyway. I've heard I've got nothing to say about that, so, there's nothing to loose, is there? Me,mmmm, me, I'm like you, actually. A young beautifull woman. In the prime of her live. Although my body is as cold as corpse. Maybe, I'm more like you, than you.

death: Maybe that's why I came to you. Sorry. I'm always the 'sudden death' . I'm not supposed to have anny feeling or moral. I'm not supposed to talk to you. You'r not supposed to have any second left.

ally: Oh, God, do you want me to be gratefull? Poor little death. Lonely little death. Death? A woman? Beautifull? Or are you just another man ready to rape me and my sisters, all in name of a higher cause.

death: I thought you would react like that. Rape is for the living people. How do think i"m supposed to have sex? With a death man? With a death woman? Everything I lay a hand on dies. Never had sex, never had love. Look at me. Looks like you look like me. wath would you want now? your last minutes.

ally: Rape has nothing to do with sex, and sure has nothing to do with life. You should know.

ally: And about my last minute. I don't negotiate with death.

ally: I shouldn't ask this, it's stupid. But..

death: (Jammer, we moeten de chat zo af gaan ronden, hij gaat over 5 minuten gespeeld worden. Geef nog een laatste point na mijn doodtekst die nu gat volgen)

ally: Will you kiss me?

death: Listen, I'm gonna hit you on your face real hard. You wont survive. I'm.... I'm ... Yes,thanks, I would like to kiss you. (kisses her)

death: Leaves Chatroom

ally:Strange. I allways thought it would feel cold. Thank you.

ally: Leaves Chatroom  


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