© Dhafaar - Jorre Vandenbussche    08-03-2006

belle helene: enters the room
dhaffar: enters the room
dhaffar: enters the room
dhaffar: enters the room
belle helene: bonjour, sir,
how are you?
dhaffar: im fine sir thanks
what about u?\
belle helene: i'm fine too, thank you... but i'm not a sir...
belle helene: could you please tell me where i can buy some cigarettes here?
dhaffar: sorry mam
belle helene: i haven't smoked one in two days
dhaffar: u will find alot of cigarettes if its still birnning
belle helene: oh, please do not apologise, you look like a very nice person to me,
belle helene: what is still burning?
dhaffar: congragolation!!
dhaffar: im smoking right now do u wanna me bass u a one??
belle helene: oh yes please! and do you have some lipstick too?
dhaffar: oh please let me asked u some thing
belle helene: because i need to go to that beauty contest organised by the american ambassy, do you know where it is?
belle helene: yes please do ask
dhaffar: no i dont sorry
belle helene: don't you know any handsome american soldiers who could bring me there? theyre s sweet don't you think?
dhaffar: u have an expiriance in theatrewar ...and this expiriance is so new 4 us
dhaffar: in the internet line o slow....but
dhaffar: ur expiriance in this stuff is so big and much
belle helene: no problem, you cannot do it wrong
dhaffar: with who and and for how long ands whats is all for????????
dhaffar: frindship is so great thing
belle helene: i think so too
but what do you mean by that?
dhaffar: did u wanna know more frinds and the frinds who gets effarts from the war just like us
belle helene: oh yes please
dhaffar: i asked that to know how we can help each other
belle helene: well,you could help me by bringing me to the american embassy
and how could i help you?
dhaffar: i can imag ur world right now but canna u imag main
belle helene: well, i have seen yours on television, have you seen mine on your television?
dhaffar: lets talk abou our emution as a human beings
belle helene: ok,
i'm very happy to meet you and i am very excited because i am in a new country that i can explore
belle helene: and your emotions?
dhaffar: the problem is we cant meet in a one place but we can meet in our humanity .....are u with me in that?
dhaffar: in wich country are you?
belle helene: uhm, a little.
what do you mean exactly?
dhaffar: cos u talk just like ur in my country!!
belle helene: i'm in your beautiful country!
dhaffar: its a great to talk to woman like u but i dont know from where i canna start
dhaffar: many qustions in my maind
belle helene:
how has the weather been today? my skin is very sensitive and for the beauty contest i have to be very careful with it!
dhaffar: its so wonderfull weater but infortuntaly some mattrers like the news make so bad
belle helene: was it very bad today?
dhaffar: do u think that i care about skin and this stuff ????
dhaffar: i wish right now to keep mu self a life

dhaffar: i think u cant imag whats going on in here
belle helene: but there are nice american boys here who are trying to help you with that
dhaffar: there is no trust in iraq .... for exampel i think you're in iraq now!!
dhaffar: the big head in iraq have awar between them and we are the citzin the victam of this war
dhaffar: i will tell u astory >>>>>>>>i live it here in my house
belle helene: who are the big heads?
belle helene: ok, please tell me your story
dhaffar: in iraqi national guards come to my home to check it if there is a weapon and a little amrican soldirs was with them ....some of iraqi national guards try to broken some of my furnituer but the amrican avoid them and abolgise for us when i told them im directer of many plays ..this refer for a good and opens mind but.......
dhaffar: the amrican give the junce to make the inside war in my country...and they're watching this comic
dhaffar: yes they are good and they have opend maind but whats the secret to make all this in iraq
belle helene: is it still possible for you to work in the theatre right now?
dhaffar: befor three monthes i finshed a play for kids and alot of kids came to watch it
belle helene: what was it about?
dhaffar: and they were happy
dhaffar: its about some thing from iraqi history about the palm tree and how we can we avoid the kid haert the palm or the bird on it and how we treat with natural
dhaffar: the life should going on and we should live our life....but this comic war always try to make us stop
belle helene: what do you mean by a comic war?
dhaffar: oooooooooooooooh i forget !! how could i???
i forget to interduce my self
belle helene: so did i!
dhaffar: im dhaffar directary theatr from iraq and excuse me for my bad english
belle helene: my name is helene, belle helene
belle helene: i am a pbotomodel, and i'm very pleased to meet a real theatre director! maybe you could give me a role in your next play?
dhaffar:so sweet nam for a sweet person so whats ur jop helen
belle helene: you are a very gentle man! i would love to be an actress!
dhaffar: so im i ..i wish that
belle helene: but you work in the theatre already no? couldn't you give me a job in your theatre? i would love to play for children!
dhaffar: im ready..but u have to know this is not a chilld play theartre in fact im dirictor for other type of theatr ....but lovenig cheldren make me dirict this last play
dhaffar: if ur in iraq u have to be certan that we will help each other
belle helene: so dhaffar, i really hope that one day i can play a role in one of your plays i wish you all the best, all the luck, all the love, and hope, i really really do, you can make theatre in a peaceful iraq, very soon
belle helene: thank you very much for your time
dhaffar: so do i i blive u will be agood actress and all wish from all my heart hun
dhaffar: nice to talk to u dear
dhaffar: and thnk 4 u


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