© Fofi & Rogier Schippers Feb 2000

Dialoog chat during performance 19-02-2000

fofi: Enters Chatroom

the death: Enters Chatroom

the death: hello

fofi: Ah u r here at last!

the death: so you expected me

fofi: No i was wondering when will the coward be here!

fofi: where r u from?

the death: Doesn't matter. Anyway, you ever expected Death inthe body of abeautyfull young woman?

fofi: IT is death anyway...a woman doesn't make it any different!

the death: Thank you. You know, I always see the unexpected in peoples eyes.Is it the woman in me, or just because I'm the death. I like your face.

fofi: I think u like my face because i have looked right in your eyes for 20 years and here i am again face to face with u. U see my face familiar...Ha...U never expected me here.

the death: True. You look familiar. What can it be that 'we're here face to face right now? Is it the lonelyness in your eyes? What happened to you that I have to be here right now.

fofi: What brought u here? Your Ego, your sorrow, u own millions of children billions of appologies. Yes the loneliness in my eyes that brought u here assured u'll not leave here until u feel ashamed!

the death: (fofi, I gonna chanche computer, we go on with the same chat)

the death: Leaves Chatroom

the death: Enters Chatroom

fofi: What is this? U give up easily..hahaha...

fofi: Enters Chatroom

the death: Shame ifor the living people like you. Death isn't feeling that much, apart from that lonelines. But what's that lonelines in your eyes?

the death: Leaves Chatroom

fofi: I am but a mirror that u see urself in. U have no friends around here. GO..GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM...

the death: Enters Chatroom

the death: (test)

the death: I' m not supposed to have any shame, nor friends. Shame and friens is the same for me. You look a bit angry.

fofi: And what r u supposed to have?

the death: The only thing I have is a duty, a duty to kill, and a beauttyfull body, longing for love.

fofi: That is what u think ur duty is? No need for u around then. We can do that as easy as u think u can, Maybe easier.

the death: I know. 'Saw it. Everyday. People taking over my duty. Makes me feel a little senseless. Did you ever mix with what I'm supposed to do?

fofi: I saw them do it. I tried to stop them. Ur next of kins turned towards me and almost got me.

the death: Can't remember. an you be more specific?

fofi: Kids playing in the alley, Happy sounds, laughter...remember... then KABOOM...remember..Still those same kids in the alley...still sounds coming out...this times its the parents..remember...those screams.. remember those tiny creatures..legless...handless... or how can u u need me to remind u ever!

fofi: Enters Chatroom

the death: Enters Chatroom

fofi: Enters Chatroom

fofi: Enters Chatroom

fofi: Enters Chatroom

fofi: Who can ever forget? I guess i was the unlucky in that event i'll forever live and remember it.

the death: I REMEMBER. bUT WHY SO HARSH towards me? Its not my fantasy that make people do these things. I only came here to make love to you. ... eh 'sorry..., I can make you forget. Everything I ever touch dies. You want to forget. I'll take your memories.

fofi: U can't. U only make them..and Bad ones..u came to make love to me... u must think i am already dead!

the death: (fofi: we have to end. The 'show' begins . Make a last point, you have the last word)

fofi: Go Away! if u insist on staying at least SPARE THE CHILDREN.

fofi: Leaves Chatroom



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