© Anonym 11 November 2001

First of all, my heart and my mind is with those who has lost their beloved ones in the tradegy of 11th September.

There is not a single person on the face of the Earth who would be indifferent to what happened in the United States. On September 11, 2001, the planet was shaken as it saw for itself what terrorism is and, for the first time in its history, realized the true magnitude of this phenomenon. Those were the hours when everyone of us could feel right under the skin that the worst of the forecasts made were coming true, and that anybody could be a victim of such violence.

No words on earth can describe what happened: it was mass manslaughter committed in broad daylight before the eyes of the stunned humanity taken by surprise and horror. 

Those who have suffered should not only have our compassion, but world’s constructive help so that such victims are never permitted again.

The pain, which American citizens experienced, is familiar to my nation and personally to me. Russian rockets and bombs, practically each day, since more than two years inflict such a pain of loss in our houses. Multi-Mullion America has lost only ten thousand citizens. One million Chechen people have lost hundred thousand.

I am very happy when i heard declation of George W Bush who said that events that took place in US on 11th of September won’t change it’s policy towards what happening in Chechen Republic. Cause there is a big difference between people that take weapon in their hands to defend it’s homeland from invasions of certain country’s army and terrorist that are killing innocent people in a broad daylight.

What i am surprised of is that American Government didn’t show to the publicity any evidence proving the connection of certain personalities who’s names are mentioned everyday in American television as Terrorists to what happened.

George W Bush said several times that “ We know that Osama Ben Laden did that” and no any additional facts. And leaning on this “words” american army is bombing Afghanistan. All terrorist bases or camps and suspicious objects where so-called terrorist can be located are also destroyed but bombings are still ongoing.  The war against Afghanist is subjected to criticism from leaders of different religions.

I understand that what America has lived through is terrible, but this doesn’t mean that blood must shed in another place. War in Afghanistan will change many things, and i am more than sure that USA sooner or later will understand that what it is doing in Afghanistan is not the best decision or solution of aroused problem.

We gave birth to terrorism. We taught terrorist methods of mass killing. It is fault of wrong policy and underestimation of  terrorists power. And it’s not neccesary for a terrorist to be hiding in mountains and running from the bombs. Terrorists are children of wrong policy.

Today we must stand all toghether and eliminate any possibility of of being unsecure in this world. First of all major countries have to change their politics.

Most of the people that are distanced from USA do not understand or even feel the pain of innocent people that became victims of the attacks. But  i think that they have understood that any time they could be victims.

I pray and ask for the patience and strength to all those who lost beloved once.

I have nothing to say more. Such violence leave people speech-less. So I am one of them.



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