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Sohrab Kabuli
Prize winner of Freedom of expression blog award 2005 Afghanlord.blogspot.com

cookie: enters the room
Sohrab Kabuli:Hi Cookie…
Sohrab Kabuli: are you there Cookie??
cookie: He you Afghan Lord. I am a cookie. A sweat, soft, European, rich, white cookie. I'm stuck inside your mouth. I'm stuck between your teeth and under your tongue. You cannot get rid of me before you swallow. I urge you not to swallow. Because, as long as I'm stuck in your mouth, the only thing you can do is think and answer my questions. How about that?
Sohrab Kabuli: Ok Cookie that is great...I like cookies.
Good for you. Now, focus on what you hear. And tell me which sound is the most beautiful?
Sohrab Kabuli: I hear music. And I hear birds. The birds are the most beautiful.
cookie: Do birds sing in the night?
Sohrab Kabuli: yea, but not all of them
cookie: Do you remember the sound of a shooting gun?
Sohrab Kabuli: Yes. I hear guns whole my life, from the time I was born up till now.
cookie: I have never heard a gunshot. Only on television. They tell me that they fake it. On television.
Sohrab Kabuli: Yes, they do. If you hear by your own ear what comes out from the mouth of a gun, that is quite different from the one you hear on TV. TV makes no sense, you do not care what or who has been killed. But if you hear by your own ear the shouting after the gun, you worry. Who has died and what is going on? Am I Safe?
cookie: are u safe?
Sohrab Kabuli: Right now yes, i can not tell you what will happen later
cookie: Do you have a girlfriend?
Sohrab Kabuli: Right now yes, i can not tell you what will happen later
cookie: Do you have a beard? If so, do you feel it makes your personality complete? Or is it just fashion?
Sohrab Kabuli: I don't have beard but i never think it makes my personality. So it must be fashion
cookie: Can you tell me how you looked like 5 years ago?
Sohrab Kabuli: comparing to now a bit different. I didn’t have that much more friends and relations with the other world.
cookie: What has made you older? The Talibanregime? Or the occupation by the West?
Sohrab Kabuli: none of them.
cookie: As a European cookie in your mouth, I'd like to think that regime has influence on lives. Can you explain why they don't influence yours?
Sohrab Kabuli: What regime and with what ideology? we had no regime at that point. They were just a bunch of bandits
cookie: Is there a McDonalds in Kabul?
Sohrab Kabuli: Fortunately no. But let me ask you a question. Do you believe Afghanistan is under the occupation of the West?
cookie: Sure. I have the feeling that U.S and its partners don't want Afghanistan to be totally free. To many things are at stake
Sohrab Kabuli: when Afghanistan has been free? And will it ever be?
cookie: How do u see freedom? In Afghanistan, but more important, how do you see freedom for yourself?
Sohrab Kabuli:What freedom? some times i get confused to think about it. That we have freedom. I am free to walk where it is safe and have freedom to do what I personally want BUT i don't have freedom of expression.
cookie: Who tell's you to shut up?
Sohrab Kabuli: Gun
cookie: Your people's guns or our people's guns?
Sohrab Kabuli: Our people's guns, our warlord's guns
cookie: What would you like to say? There's a bunch or people here in Amsterdam, who would kill to hear what you really want to say. You, Sohrab
Sohrab Kabuli: I will asked them: do you know killing? if not, I will direct them to go in Iraq visiting from Abu Ghuraib and come to Afghanistan to visit the Tora Bora cave.
cookie: And once they are there, what would you tell them? Would you like to know the people here in Amsterdam? Do you think they want to know you?
Sohrab Kabuli: Yes, I like to know them, I like to shake hands. I want to know them deeply and want to know what they have in their heart for those people who are suffering. It is not important for me to be known for them.
cookie: He Afghan friend, wouldn't you rather live here? Wouldn't you prefer to have a Western identity?
Sohrab Kabuli: Yes. I would like to live in a Western country but there is no interest to get the identity of a specific country. I like to live there to study ONLY and come back to my country to help the others.
cookie: Do you feel different from the people around you?
Sohrab Kabuli: yes, i do
cookie: Why, because you have a laptop?
Sohrab Kabuli: hahahahh. No, nowadays many people have laptop and its knowledge. There some other things which makes me different
cookie: please explain
Sohrab Kabuli: Thoughts, feeling, speaking, looking, hearing, eating, writing, walking and many other details stuff.
cookie: Making love?
Sohrab Kabuli: Yes
cookie: Do you feel more important than the people around you? Or are you just thinking different?
Sohrab Kabuli: I just feel different and think different. I never feel I am important BUT i just think that an important guy like me is missing among the Afghan people.
cookie: OK. Suppose Allah drives a Cadillac. He shows up next to you and invites you over in his car. You share a coca-cola and he asks: "My friend, you have the power to change things." What is the first thing you would do?
Sohrab Kabuli: Bringing peace and prosperity. promoting tolerance and diversity in globalized societies, making utopia
cookie: Do you think George Bush would make utopia if God gave him the same power?
Sohrab Kabuli: Never, he will make the world a prison
cookie: Is that because he is catholic and you are Muslim?
Sohrab Kabuli: No no I never divide people by belief, colour or race. They do that enough over here. I really can't call myself Muslim, I was born from Muslim parents in a Islamic country. I respect their believes but never worry about it.
cookie: Then, is it because he's just a bad person?
Sohrab Kabuli: I think he shouldn't be a bad person but i think he must to do bad things
cookie: what do you believe in, my friend?
Sohrab Kabuli: Humanity...
cookie: I hope you find a recipe for that.
I have one final question: how do you see yourself in ten years?
Sohrab Kabuli: In a academic atmosphere for research. Established an academic centre in Kabul, written books. Being an active guy as right now and fell in love; definitely.
cookie:OK. Thanks. You now can swallow me, your sweat, European cookie for an hour. Thanks for letting me be stuck inside your mouth. I hope the birds are still singing. I hope I hear them sing myself one day. U have the last word

Sohrab Kabuli: Goodbye



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