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l am a play writer work as teacher of drama arts ,my age 27. l am writing plays as a one part play. I wrote more then 70 ,most of them not end yet.
I like to see my iraq will be mine in all meaning of that.
I know the us army came here to help us (what they say!) but i think there is more then that in fact. About the theatre i wish to see some day the students of arts in all the word study iraqi writers in drama schools, and that for the all new thinks in these plays. If i can act with some artist from any where not just in iraq. I think thats good for us, to know what are we work for ,and what is done for the human kind .
To this time, i think about we can act like one team, one human free team. My city here has good writers and actors but they need some help in show arts. I hope the iraqi theatre arts will act as the others,we have nice plays here in babylon but we scare to act them becauz of the drama must tell the truth and we still not free to tell to show whats that mean is good as its not ,thats all.

Sarmad lived a few months with a religious group to make a play with them:
FIRST PLAY IN ISLAMIC PLACE (after Saddam) after the invading ,I was thinking that the drama must act some things new, so I went to study what was not allowed before 9/4/2003...the dissertations religious studies, in that time .
I was talking to my teachers they all was religious men. I told them that I have plan to change the theatre history in Iraq, its not easy to do that, but in theory I can talk what I want, that is not my aim. I was planning to make the religious men act on stage like what was happening in western, I did complaisant about 50 of them, that the plan is not contrast with what they teach, after one week , I was teaching them theatre arts inside the place !,yes...and after tow weeks I was showing the play to about 1000 audience in the same place the subject was about Iraq ,I was the writer ,director ,and an actor too ....,that was the day 20/9/2003,five months I was study religious ,and tow weeks I was teaching drama arts, to my teachers! After that I became the manager of department of drama in the place . The play subject didn't was on religious preaching; it was about war, and kind of mime play, and drama dance. This is the first play in Iraq in that time ! The first play in all Arabic theater history in this kind , and the first stage in the place all Islam history ,now I still teaching the drama to religious men, and working on another play in the same way . I must been killed now if I was trying to think in that plan before 9/4/2003...and aim saying just thinking, but aim talking now and my plan was done !
That is what I live for and to see ..New act, new theatre, new blood.  

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