© Mohammed - Rogier Schippers    08-03-2006

 Mother Nature: enters the room
Mother Nature: Hi there. I heard that during the war in Sarajevo in the former Youguslavia, the lipstick and the condoms were constantly sold-out.
How is live in Irak?
mohammad2: enters the room
Mother Nature: Aha, the old Babylon...
mohammad2: In Iraq the war is the war. It makes things impossible, make things in contrast on morale navies, politic and social.
mohammad2: In our country the intellectual is selling his books in the market
The farmer is selling g some thing ells
De hand worker also
We have a lot of drugs for half intellectuals
mohammad2: The poor Babylon!!
Mother Nature: But do they have sex? The more the bombs were falling, the more sex they had in Sarajevo.
mohammad2: In our situation the sex is not really important. We forgot almost sex
mohammad2: But of course there are exceptions
The Iraqi people are detected on sex
mohammad2: addicted on sex
Mother Nature: So no sex. In stead of that you use drugs.
What kind of drugs?
Where do the people get the drugs?
What do they cost?
Do they use them at home?
Alone? With other people?
They have fun?
Tell me
Mother Nature: Mother Nature closes the chat down. Thanks.
See you another time

chat disconnected



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